Combos]]b}} The controls in AoC are different from other MMOs due to the real-time nature of combat.

Currently the mouse buttons are limited to their default uses of "click" (left button) and "mouse look" (right button) and cannot be remapped to other functions within the game.


Movement in Age of Conan is controlled as normal with your keyboard, or if you have a game controller configured you can use this need to confirm if game controllers can still be used.

By default, W A S D are your movement keys with

Q 1 2 3 E, are your default combat keys. However only 1, 2 & 3 are available until later levels when additional directions of Q and E are made available.

Combat Edit

Unlike most MMOs, there is not just one basic attack command that toggles combat mode off and on. Since combat is real-time, every swing of your weapon must be initiated by hitting one of five directional attack buttons.

Initially players will only have three attack directions: left, center, and right. At later levels they will gain lower left and lower right attacks.

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Combos Edit

See Main Area : Combos

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Miscellaneous Edit

  • Toggle Mouselook: CTRL-M

This function engages / disengages mouselook mode without having to hold the right mouse button down. Unlike other games what really happens is the game toggles the state of the right mouse button between on and off.

This means that while in "mouse look" mode, the game behaves as if you are holding down the right mouse button, and when you press the button, it behaves as if you are not pressing it.

This allows you to hold the right button and move the cursor around to click on things without exiting mouse look. The game remembers where you last left the cursor and when you next click the right button it will be where you left it.

  • Overview: O

When pressing the O in-game, you will get a pop-up window, showing you what the main options are. Explanations of various buttons are shown, as well as full explanation of the map on your top-right corner.

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