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Shem Asar's GC review

Shem Asar has provided a nice indepth view of GC GC news

Translated by IcePROject from the official forums


  • 3 Border kingdom region (not 3 instances) per server with 3 battlekeep , 4 Forts and 6 ressources (gold mine and the such) in each border kingdom.
  • 150 players on the screen at the same time , without any lag.
  • When a battlekeep is build, the guild must start with the Trade Post, following by other building depending on the prestige class levels of the players.
  • A guild can't build every building, they need to make choices (resources,defences,offences...) (Beta test will make sure no build is stronger than the other)
  • A battlekeep can't be attacked between 3h am and 12pm, outside these hours, attackers and defenders guilds choose when the fight will happen, However if the defenders refuse too often the combat, the maintenance costs of the buildings of their BK will increase.


  • When fighting , the remote classes (casters and archers) will be able to position in height, to allow them a greater range all in their offering a better defense. By counter the body to body classes will be able to help moving the sieging machines that have been build in place with resources.


  • Two types of mountings, controlled by the players, will be useful at the time of sieging, each one with a specificity:
  • the mammoth: specialized in the destruction of the walls
  • the rhinoceros: specialized in the destruction of the doors and the damages to the players in AoE
  • The more mountings will have taken dash, the more the impact against the structure met will be powerful and thus the more damage, thus making it possible to create a breach in the enclosure.

NB: to obtain them at release , you will have to pre-order AOC.



  • Level 60
  • Not decided if it's gonna be for everyone or only for those not in guild.

How it works

  • A price is fixed between the guild and the mercenary (that is to attack or defend).
  • Mercenaries have 5 levels depending on the number of battles carried out. The ultimate level allows the handing-over of an "ubber" item, at the visual level, but not of the stats, by Conan itself.


  • There are twenty levels PvP, the last level being very difficult to reach. And each level allows obtaining items or feats.
  • PvP Classification in the Kingdoms Borders via a Web page
  • PvP Classification for the guild according to the number of kill
  • PvP Classification for a player without guild according to the number of kill located in a zone defined around him. comments on Capture the Flag

Please note, this is translated from German via Babel fish. Feel free to view the original and provide a cleaner translation if you can.
Have done some minor obvious grammar corrections

One of the first dates on the Games Convention had the buffed team with the Product manager of Age Of Conan, Erling Ellingsen. It has Oli, Flo, Matze and Marcel one a-clicks into the Capture the flag mode (one played "3 against 3") given. Erling means, it is a Minigame, the whole [idea] was obviously straightforward. One can announce oneself probably - completely as to the PvP in World OF Warcraft - for such a match. If enough players for a match together are, the play begins.

Beside "Capture the flag" Erling also mentioned the play mode "team Annihilation", in that probably the team with the last living character wins.

Apart from it one took and revises themselves the past criticism of the combat system to hearts the combat system. Marcel reports that the new variant is inserted as a Work in Progress version obviously already. One selects oneself first a Combo, then the flapping directions flash, into which one must aim then.

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