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When Games Convention edition 2007 officially opens its doors, on Thursday in Leipzig, certain developers/editors will start to speak about their titles. Thus Funcom massively opens fire with its role play multijouor inspired of the universe of Robert E Howard. Recently pushed back several months (it is now expected for March 2008), Age Of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is today honored with fifteen new very successful captures.

Feel free to translate the above from the link at the top, Babelfish can only do so much.

Purpose of this page?

The purpose of this page is to pull all the info possible in from GC2007 and have it as one central focus point of information for Age of Conan. From there, that information can then be filtered out into other pages within the wiki.

Attending GC2007 this year?

If you're attending GC2007 this year, then bookmark this page and come back to it with more information. If you have a big chunk of information to upload, simply put it down the bottom if you don't know much about the wiki, and someone will come along and format it and move it around for you.

If you want to be credited for your submission make sure you Register prior to putting your data in and the information you supply will be tagged under your name.


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