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Furious Inspiration
Available to Conqueror

Description Edit

Furious Inspiration provides a buff that as you gain levels, starts to proc with a team heal, when at it's highest level, it not only has the chance of healing team members with each attack, but has a small chance to proc a team rezz each attack.

This skill is inherent to Conqueror's - it is a Group Only skill and in the beggining gives you a buff that has a chance to proc when your Squad mates are hit in combat. It can stack up to 10 times and gives a 20% damage increase at 10 (2% for each proc). This is very obvious once it's stacked 10 times even at lower levels.

There is also a chance for the skill to proc a Battle Rezz each time you hit an enemy once a squad mate has fallen in battle.

The skill is also required to be active for Defiance to be used (Squad Heal).

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