Tarib is in London so Crippius takes care of you today

For this Friday Update, we bring you the fifth installment of the video dev diaries. It covers melee combat in Age of Conan and features a number of our strapping young lads, including: Gaute Godager (Game Director), Andrew Griffin (Senior System Designer), and Evan Michaels (System Designer). You’ll find out all about the philosophy of Age of Conan’s combat system and see several brutal examples of just how hard-hitting and exciting combat can be.

You’ll find that video here

We also refreshed again our website content:

We’ve overhauled the Game Features section, added a new article on economics, money, and trading, added a new section on defense and keeping yourself protected, added a section on leveling and advancement, added a new entry to the bestiary, and added a new character to the NPC section.

We hope you enjoy!

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