- Aug 17, 2007

Games Convention in Leipzig is coming up next week.

Games Convention in Leipzig is coming up next week. For those unfamiliar with this particular show, GC is three times the size of the old E3, rivaling only the Tokyo Game Show as one of the biggest shows in the world. If old-style E3 was an event, Leipzig is epic, and you don't have to be press—or put up a blog, write a few entries, and pass yourself off as press—to get in.

To answer the most important question: Yes, we are going to be showing at GC. We plan to show something really special, but we're also going to be offering hands-on time with the game itself. Bring your bodies, your reflexes, and your video cameras, and be ready to experience the world of Hyboria in all its savage, sexy glory. We're well aware that people want to know, and see, more of the game and what better platform to do it than one of the biggest gaming shows in the world?

As we do with most major events, we're putting together a new press kit and package of assets to promote the game. Usually, these go to reporters, gaming sites, and the press as a whole, but this time, we're debuting a sample of the materials we've put together on our community site. These are new screenshots, taken just a few days ago with the latest build of the game. You can see them below.

Those who are particularly sharp-eyed may get just a hint of what we're planning to show at this year's GC, but all of you who attend are invited to come to our public area for hands-on time with the game. Perhaps you'll be lucky enough to sit in Conan's throne and take pictures with our lovely Hyborian slave girl. For players who just can't get enough information, we're also going to be doing closed-door demonstrations with major press and fansites revealing even more about the game.

We're also going to be encouraging filming by everyone—press, players, fans, everyone—as we know videos and actual gameplay footage are what everybody wants to see. There's no NDA, no restrictions will be in place, so for the first time, players can not only get their hands on the game, they can share their experiences with the world.

We know you're going to love it, so fly, drive, or swim to Germany, come to Leipzig, and finally plunge into the world of Hyboria.


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