When we took questions from our community, the response was so overwhelming that we had to split the answers into several parts. Herein, another selection of questions from the community and answers from the development team.

Eligoh: In one of the E3 Previews, it is stated that, “In Age of Conan, there are two NPC factions fighting each other, so you can choose to fight alongside one of them or completely ignore their war.” Could you go into details about these two factions? What are the benefits for fighting for either one of them?

A: This was an old design for PvP, which was removed in favor of the guild-based Border Kingdoms of today.

SweBarbarian: Will there be dungeons that have a large level range (like level 30-70) and contain many different types of mobs (more than 10), or will there only be 2-3 types of mobs with only a narrow level range (level 30-34)?

A: There will likely be more variety, but the level range will be somewhat more like the latter, rather than the former. If you try to go too wide, you make a bunch of content not fun or usable for a group of people.

AraBeta: Will there be usable furniture, such as beds and chairs you can sit in?

A: Yes, you can sit in chairs, and possibly use some beds, also.

Roffkaiser: What sorts of weapons fall into the class of thrown weapons? Please tell me not Shurikens! And will they have ammo if things like bows and crossbows don't?

A: They themselves are the ammo. There are light throwing, which are like knives and axes, and heavy throwing, which is like javelins.

Malefacus: Quest logs are painful and un-useful, nobody reads them. Will every quest in AoC be given with a cutscene like with an NPC talking to you with actor's voices?

A: While we have over 100 voiced characters, not every quest will be voiced. However, all NPC dialog (voiced or not) is done through the cinematic window. Quest logs are for giving the player the ability to review quest goals and backstory at a later date, not to present initial information. I don't see how this makes them painful or un-useful for most.

Vikingvinter: Will there be quests only available to certain classes/class quests?

A: Yes, certain quests are for certain classes only.

Roffkaiser: How fast is the day/night cycle?

A: We're currently fine-tuning this as we figure out what is best and get feedback from the beta players, but right now it's roughly 2.4 hours per cycle.

PersonalJ: Will guilds be able to recruit all 3 kingdom “races”?

A:' Guilds can recruit however they like to their guild.

Anksunamon: Will equipment have a negligible impact on the game? Is it mostly cosmetic?

A: Equipment is far from cosmetic. It is important to wear good armor and wield good weapons, but the difference is that this alone will not make up your character in Conan. Knowing how to play will make a big difference as well.

Malican: Will items and equipment vary greatly in style and looks to allow players to customize their looks? Or will everyone look the same (based on armor type)?

A: The artists have done an excellent job of making a lot of unique-looking armor. Which armor everyone ends up wanting to wear will largely be based off players' own desire for a certain look, or their desire to min-max and feeling something is “better” than something else.

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