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Guardian - Barbarian - Conqueror - Dark Templar - Bear Shaman - Demonologist - Necromancer - Priest of Mitra

In the harsh reality of Hyborian life, many people turn to higher powers – the Gods – for guidance and understanding. Some turn to Mitra seeking hope and support, while others turn to Crom for savage inspiration. Some even turn to Set in order to tap into the powers he provides, but the Dark Templar will go as far as to trade his very humanity to any dark being who will offer him a piece of the corrupted power that they possess.

By going into a pact with such a dark being – be that an evil god, a wrathful demon or any other source of twisted power – the Dark Templar is able to draw upon immense strength and vitality. This power, however, certainly comes at a price as it binds the Dark Templar into painful worship demanded by the dark entity in return for their approval.

In essence, the Dark Templar is an evil fighter. By drawing upon these powers rooted in death and darkness, they are able to stand at the forefront of battles and take punishment that may have crippled a fighter of more ordinary skill. You see, whereas other members of the soldier class usually believes more in the importance of tactical fighting styles and the mastery of weapons in order to survive a fight, the Dark Templar has no qualms about tapping into dark, supernatural powers in order to secure victory for him and his team.

Taking punishment is a big part of the Dark Templar’s job and mastering light, medium and heavy armor is crucial to his success. By being able to equip some of the most protective armor available, he is able to fulfill his role as one of the members of the group most likely to be put in the front where the enemy’s damage can be directed at him.

Of course, having traded his very humanity to the forces of evil, his greatest asset will not be man-made equipment but rather the dark powers he can call upon. At level twenty-five he will gain access to the 'Drain Life' ability that will turn some of the damage he deals to his enemy’s into health for himself. The much higher-level 'Blood Pact' will intensify this ability, converting all damage the Dark Templar deals into valuable health that he needs to stay alive as he stands on the forefront of the battle, taking all the punishment.

All these powers do, however, come at a high cost. Tapping into the abilities possessed by the dark beings that dwell far beyond the plane of mere mortals, is something that the Dark Templar will also struggle with notably. For the source of this immense power will demand a tribute for the effort they put into supporting him -- a pact is a pact after all!

As such, many of the Dark Templar’s abilities will have detrimental effects that can harm him. 'Pestilential Body' gained at level forty, for instance, will trigger a poison that will drain the life out of enemies around him, but it will also restrict the Dark Templar’s movement as poisonous gases and toxic sludge slowly takes over his body. Other powers will outright damage him and possibly kill him as he calls upon them!

Most probably inspired by the nature of the dark forces of this world (and beyond), the Dark Templar is also quite a sadist. Whenever members of his own group – his own companions – suffer in combat, the Dark Templar will himself gain power. When others are inflicted with pain, he will receive bonuses to his abilities making him more potent!

Still, the Dark Templar is a good adventuring partner to have for any group traveling the expanses of Hyboria and who faces the challenges this dangerous world provides. If you can manage to look past his dubious ways, having a member on the team with affinity for the dark side can be a valuable thing. For instance, the Dark Templar’s 'Martyrdom' ability will actually heal his companions while also damaging himself.

As those Hyborians who can suffer the pain and commit to a pact with darkness will see, the Dark Templar is, in short, a more than capable fighter. Being able to master combination moves for many edged, blunt and thrown weapons – and even crossbows – he proves himself as a fighter that can use the more earthly tools of death and at the same time having the ability to call upon the evil forces beyond Hyboria and use their destructive powers as well!

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