When we started this contest, we couldn’t have anticipated the response that came in.

Hundreds and hundreds of entries poured in. Every community showed an incredible amount of enthusiasm and entries ranged from the sublimely hilarious to the awe-inspiring. Either lots of people really love this game or lots of people really love the idea of Norway in January!

These entries were all very, very good and we liked them a lot…

It's Christmas in Hyboria!

Unlike some jolly Christmas spirits, Santa Gaute demands ransom!

An enterprising railfan found that someone has been breaking the launch date...

There's another game out there that a lot of people apparently have strong feelings about.

And, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Gaute. He lives! And he lives in Oslo.

But there can only be one grand prize winner.

The winning entry showcases an incredible amount of work. There is a lot of text floating around about Age of Conan from interviews, articles, and FAQs, but our winning entrant condensed all that into a 15 minute long Visual FAQ that puts everything in one place in handy video. An enterprising type going by the name of Ben Avery put together this video, which showed an incredible amount of effort, passion, and time.

Our winner is The Age of Conan Visual FAQ Guide.

And while he may not have intended it for the contest entry, this was also incredibly hilarious.

Congratulations to our winner and our thanks go out to everyone who participated!

Now, just a bit of news.

In order to allow our Community and Marketing staff to spend the holidays with their families, there will be no Friday Updates on December 28 or January 4.

From all of us at Funcom, we wish you the best, and we will be back in the New Year to start the big push to launch. We can’t wait to see you there!

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