The Followers of Asura are volunteer customer service representatives, working with Funcom to help provide assistance to players in Age of Conan. The program mirrors the Advisors of Rubi-Ka (ARK) from Funcom's other MMORPG, Anarchy Online. As of the US release date, May 20th, 2008, the Followers of Asura are accepting applications from players who wish to lend a helping hand to their peers.

Membership RequirementsEdit

In order to join the Followers of Asura, one must:

  • Have an active Age of Conan account.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be fluent in English, other languages are a plus.
  • Possess good customer service skills.
  • Have the desire to help out.

Membership can be sought via the Followers of Asura website.


There are two basic departments within the Followers of Asura, all of which are charged in some capacity with the direct assistance of players. Each department, however, is also charged with a set of more specialized responsibilities.


This department deals with all of the program's internal affairs. Their duties include the induction and training of new members, maintaining morale within the program, and handling disciplinary issues.

Bug HuntersEdit

This department directly assists Funcom's game developers and programmers by organizing and testing bug reports submitted by players. Without the assistance of the Bug Hunters, cataloging and testing bugs would present an overwhelming task for Funcom's staff.

Ranking SystemEdit

The Followers of Asura are organized into a basic hierarchy based on experience, contribution, and expertise. As one proves their worth to the program, one gains more tools to assist players.


All members begin their service as an Initiate. Initiates are given only the bare minimum in service tools while they undergo extensive training in the ways of the Followers. This rank is analogous to the Assistant Advisor rank of the ARK program.


Those who complete their training as Initiates and display competency within the program are promoted to the rank of Protector. Along with this rank comes "adulthood" within the program, including new privileges, tools, and responsibilities. These dedicated souls form the majority of the Followers of Asura, providing front-line assistance to those who need it most. This rank is analogous to the Advisor rank of the ARK program.


Experienced Protectors who display exceptional knowledge and capability are promoted to the rank of Centor, and charged with the oversight of and provision of assistance to the Initiates and Protectors. These individuals are granted further specialized abilities to help out in certain situations where Protectors may be unable. This rank is analogous to the Guardian rank of the ARK program.


Legates are specially chosen Centors, given leadership responsibility on top of oversight ability. They are in charge of small groups of Followers, and are the ones responsible for carrying out day-to-day administrative tasks within the organization, executing orders from leadership, and maintaining morale within the program. This rank is analogous to the Coordinator rank of the ARK program.


The Prophets are direct advisors and assistants to the head of a department. As such, they wield great power, but must also dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to the program. Prophets, along with Overseers, are chosen by Funcom's staff and not by higher-ranking Followers. This rank is analogous to the Assistant Director rank of the ARK program.


Each department within the Followers of Asura has a single Overseer, meaning that there are only three in the entirety of Hyboria. These three are the best of the best, given near-full control over the direction of their department. Along with the Prophets, these individuals are selected from within the program by Funcom staff. This rank is analogous to the Director rank of the ARK program.

Longevity TitlesEdit

Special titles and incentives are granted to those who spend an extended amount of time in service to Asura. These titles are the same in form and function as those used in the Advisors of Rubi-Ka.

RankTime Served
Veteran6 months
Sage12 months
Oracle24 months


Followers of Asura Website:

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