Rank Level Mana Cost Damage
1 1 36 94-156
2 20 81 168-280
3 35 115 235-391
4 50 149 360-600
5 65 189 458-763
6 80 211 486-809

A very useful spell, powerful, and with no recast, allowing it to be cast again and again.
It can be boosted, given splash damage or lingering burn effects around corpses by a number of feats from the Conflagration tree.

Fires of Gehenna
Fires of gehenna icon
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Hostile Spell
Range 25
Casting Time 2 seconds

Effect Incinerate + Damage

Blasts the victim with the fires of an ancient of hell and inflicts a lingering Incinerate effect (up to 5 times) that burns the victim alive. The flames also splash nearby enemies. This incantation can be instantly recast.

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