Description Edit

Fierce Recovery
AoC Fierce Recovery S
Class Bear Shaman
Level first available 15

Targeting Mode Friendly Self Centred Area Spell
Range 8m radius
Casting Time 1.5 seconds

Recast 28 seconds
Effect Heals X-Y on target

Type Healing spell
Duration 0.1 Seconds

A powerful healing spell that affects the shaman and any nearby allies. Anyone aided by this spell cannot be affected by another Fierce Recovery spell for a short time. Fierce Recovery is the Bear Shaman's big heal.

Enhancements Edit

Gangrene: Infusing the Fierce Recovery spell to inflict Poisonous Rot on all enemies within the area of effect (8m).

Wrath feat tree - Tier 6 [3 Ranks]

Fierce Healing: Improves the Fierce Recovery prayer by increasing the amount of healing it does.

Spirit feat tree - Tier 8 [2 Ranks]


Rank 1 - 66 mana - Level 15

Rank 2 - 104 mana - Level 30

Rank 3 - 138 mana - Level 45

Rank 4 - 179 mana - Level 60

Rank 5 - 210 mana - Level 75

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