Priest Edit

Feat tree common to all priests

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Ether Flow 5 1 - Increases the priest's mana regeneration rate in and out of combat.
Spirit Armor 5 2 - Protects the Priest from physical damage.
Ether Discharge 5 2 - Upgrades the Life of Set, Wave of Life, and Blood Flow spells to restore mana to the priest for each target healed.
Grace 3 2 - Passive hate reduction.
Far-Reaching Spirit 2 2 - Increases the range of the priest's burst heal prayers.
Vindicator 2 2 - Makes soldiers not in Frenzy Stance provoke more hatred from their foes.
Spirit Aegis 5 2 - Protects the priest from hostile magic.
Saintly Warrior 3 3 Spirit Armor (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when struck in melee combat.
Guiding Spirit 3 3 - Improves cone heals by reducing the reuse time between castings.
All-Encompassing Spirit 2 3 Guiding Spirit (3) Increases the area of effect for all cone based heals.
Presence of Mind 5 3 Far-Reaching Spirit (2) Reduces the casting time of all burst healing spells.
Soothe the Soul 1 3 - Targeted hate reduction.
Saintly Martyr 3 3 Spirit Aegis (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when damaged by hostile magic.
Exemplar 5 4 - Increase the priest's melee damage and damage done by electrical and holy spells.
Focus 2 4 - Decreases the chance of the priest's prayers being interrupted.
Healing Spirit 3 4 - Reduces the mana cost of all healing spells.
Veangeance of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability which will give a substantial damage increase for a short amount of time.
Shroud of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability to make all enemies in the vicinity less likely to attack the priest.

Divinity Edit

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Lance of Mitra 5 1 Grants a spell, Lance of Mitra, which does splash and collumn damage. Subsequent feat points increase it's damage.
Divine Lance 5 2 Lance of Mitra (5) Heals allies near target struck by Lance of Mitra and increase it's mana cost. Subsequent feat points increase the heal effect and mana cost.
Holy Accession 5 2 Each time a blue heal over time tics on the priest, there's a chance that the priest gains a buff which reduce the mana cost of the next holy damage spell by 20% per rank. If Avatar of Mitra and Holy Cleansing is trained this can also trigger the Holy Storm buff.
Sacred Lance 5 3 Divine Lance (5) Increases the range of the heal effect of the Divine Lance effect by 1 meter per point invested.
Clarity of Mind 1 3 Grants an instant cast spell, Clarity of Mind, which when activated cause the next holy damage spell to be free of mana cost.
Spiritual Feedback 5 3 For each time the priest affect an ally with with Wave of Life, the priest recieves a buff stacking up to 5 times which increases base spell damage. Subsequent feat points increase this damage.
Sanctification 2 4 Purification (3) Increases the damage of Purification against demons and undeads.
Purification 3 4 Adds a holy damage proc to certain holy damage spells. Subsequent points increase this damage.
Wrath of Mitra 5 4 Increases Magic Damage (Holy) by a certain amount.
Condemnation 1 5 Grants the spell Condemnation that channels holy damage on target. The last pulse does extra damage versus undeads and demons and destroys minions.
Light of Mitra 1 5 Grants a spell called Light of Mitra which, while active, cause casting Emanation of Life and Wave of Life to gives stamina and mana regen to the group for a short while (and a little bit extra for the priest). This spell can't be run with Purification of Mitra. Rank 2 improves the regeneration, and give the priest more extra regen.
Force of Will 3 5 Clarity of Mind (1) Increases the damage of spells cast with Clarity of Mind
Blessing of Mitra 1 5 Grants a channeling spell, Blessing of Mitra, which reduce damage on a friendly target. When the channeling completes, both the target and the priest have their damage increased for a short period of time time.
Vengeful Blessing 2 5 Blessing of Mitra (1) Augments the spell Blessing of Mitra spell so that it also grants the recipent of the spell extra damage during the channeling.
Empowered Repulse 2 6 Improved Repulse (3) Increases the Knockback effect of the spell Repulse by 1 meter per rank.
Improved Repulse 3 6 Increases the Base Spell Damage of the Repulse spell by 10% per rank.
Wrathfull Blessing 5 6 Blessing of Mitra (1) Adds an AoE damage effect to the end of Blessing of Mitra. Subsequent points increase this damage.
Blessed Armor of Faith 5 7 Lowers the holy damage reduction and mana cost of the Armor of Faith buff.
Unyielding Faith 2 7 Blessed Armor of Faith (5) Reduces Unholy Invulnerability penalty of the Armor of Faith buff by 40% per rank.
Holy Surge 5 7 Increases Spell Critical Chance of Rebuke, Repulse, Smite, Cleansing Fire, Lance of Mitra by 2% per rank.
Exorcism 1 7 Grants the priest an ability called Exorcism which instantly purges fear and silence effects from the group of the priest in addition to granting the group immunity to those effects for a short while.
Divine Halo 5 8 Blessed Armor of Faith (5) Most spells that inflicts holy damage builds up a Divine Blessing buff on the Priest. Each stack of Divine Blessing increase the Base Spell Damage of Condemnation by 1%. When this buff reaches 5 stacks, the priest gains the Divine Halo effect which periodically heals the ally with lowest percentage health in the team. A successful heal will consume one charge of the Divine Blessing stack. The Divine Halo effect ends when the Divine Blessing stack is removed.
Overwhelming Light 5 8 Holy Surge (5) Increases critical damage of certain holy damage spells by 10% per rank.
Spiritual Warding 3 8 Exorcism (1) Increases the priest's resistance to Fear and Silence effects by 10/15/25%.
Holy Cleansing 1 9 Divine Halo (5) Increase the Base Spell Damage of Condemnation by 5 % and grants a spell which place a buff on party. The buff increase unholy and poison invulnerability by 200% and deals periodic holy damage to nearby enemies. It deals extra damage if Divine Halo is running on the priest.
Avatar of Mitra 1 9 Overwhelming Light (5) Increase the Base Spell Damage of Condemnation by 5 % and grants the spell PBAoE Avatar of Mitra which stuns normal targets and fears undeads, demons and minions for 6 seconds.

Vengeance Edit

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Improved Smite 5 1 Increases Smite damage.
Holy Vengence 5 1 Charge up Holy nukes when healing(+18)
Cleansing Fire 5 1 Spell:Holy fire in a cone nuke .5 casting time
Admonishment 2 2 Increases crit strike chance on rebuke
Improved Rebuke 5 2 Lowers cool down time on rebuke
Lingering Flames 3 2 Adds more damage to lingering effect of Cleansing Fire
Glowing Radiance 3 3 For the 60s after being effected by radiance heal(burst) targets have their damage increased Moderately
Inspiring Light 2 3 After casting radiance your next nuke has reduced mana cost
Holy Conquest 3 3 Increases buff gained by Devotional Prayer
Revivification 3 3 When struck in combat chance for emanation of life to proc on self
Searing Light 1 4 Gives Radiance and Aoe holy dmg effect 15m
Purification of Mitra 2 4 Spell:While active casting Emanation of life or purity triggers burst of holy dmg note:burst costs small amount of mana
Mitra's Searing Eye 1 4 Spell:Beam of searing light deals holy damage, undead and demons are "Horrifically Susceptical" to this power
Empowered Hand of Mitra 2 5 Decreases Casting Time
Guiding Hand of Mitra 5 Decreases Cool Down
Violent Exorcism 2 5 Increased radius and dmg effect of explosions from Mitras Searing Eye
Improved Mitra's Searing Eye 3 5 Gives mana for demons and undead affected, if kills target will explode with holy dmg
The Light Within 1 5 When Triggered Emanation of Life cast also when you cast Revivication
Guardian Spirit 5 6 Spell:Summons spirit to protect group doing moderate damage to anything attacking protected, if no attack triggers a moderate healing effect at end
Mitra's Will 3 6 Reduces mana penalties on Purification of Mitra and Soul of Mitra
Determination 5 6 Less casting time on:Avert thy Eyes, Condemn, Eye of Judgement, Hand of Mitra, Imperil, Repudiate, Soul of Mitra, Sustaining Faith
Blessed Vengence 1 7 Triggers team heal to Guardian Spirit instead
Vengeful Guardian 5 7 Augments Guardian Spirit by increasing physical and magical dmg while active
Undying Belief 3 7 Improves Sustaining Faith gives life dmg to mana dmg (mana shield)
Relentless Faith 5 7 Increases Duration of spells effected by Determination
Manifistation of Mitra 1 8 Spell:Summons spirit to aid in battle, teamates who are attacked within a short distance receive a moderate amount of healing and a damage increase,This will also increase soldier grudge counters.
Everliving Spirit 1 8 Increases Direct healing effect,duration and increases in combat mana regen linked to relentless faith and determination

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