Priest Edit

Feat tree common to all priests

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Ether Flow 5 1 - Increases the priest's mana regeneration rate in and out of combat.
Spirit Armor 5 2 - Protects the Priest from physical damage.
Ether Discharge 5 2 - Upgrades the Life of Set, Wave of Life, and Blood Flow spells to restore mana to the priest for each target healed.
Grace 3 2 - Passive hate reduction.
Far-Reaching Spirit 2 2 - Increases the range of the priest's burst heal prayers.
Vindicator 2 2 - Makes soldiers not in Frenzy Stance provoke more hatred from their foes.
Spirit Aegis 5 2 - Protects the priest from hostile magic.
Saintly Warrior 3 3 Spirit Armor (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when struck in melee combat.
Guiding Spirit 3 3 - Improves cone heals by reducing the reuse time between castings.
All-Encompassing Spirit 2 3 Guiding Spirit (3) Increases the area of effect for all cone based heals.
Presence of Mind 5 3 Far-Reaching Spirit (2) Reduces the casting time of all burst healing spells.
Soothe the Soul 1 3 - Targeted hate reduction.
Saintly Martyr 3 3 Spirit Aegis (5) The priest has a chance of recovering mana when damaged by hostile magic.
Exemplar 5 4 - Increase the priest's melee damage and damage done by electrical and holy spells.
Focus 2 4 - Decreases the chance of the priest's prayers being interrupted.
Healing Spirit 3 4 - Reduces the mana cost of all healing spells.
Veangeance of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability which will give a substantial damage increase for a short amount of time.
Shroud of the Gods 1 5 - Grants the priest an ability to make all enemies in the vicinity less likely to attack the priest.

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