Mage Edit

Feat tree common to all mages

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Mage Blood 5 1 none Increases the mage's rate of mana regeneration.
Spiritual Armament 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's defense rating.
Arch Mage 5 2 Malefic Chant 5/5 Augments the mages's magical rating by increasing damage done by both schools of magic.
Mind phase 5 2 5 points Reduces the threat generation of hostile spells, thus reducing the mage's chance of being attacked for damaging enemies with spells.
Spiritual Aegis 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's magical defense rating.
Crimson Shield 3 3 10 points Provides a health boost for mage using (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh and Protection of Set) while this shield is active.
Tome of Erlik 3 3 10 points Grants the mage a new ability that, when used, increases the damage of their spells for a short time.
Mystical Attunement 5 3 10 points Increases the magical damage done by mage's spells .
Mirrored Iron 3 3 10 points Augments the (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh, and Protection of Set) spells, giving them a chance to return some damage to the attacker.
Quickened Iron 3 3 10 points Increases the rate at which (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh,and Protection of Set) spells absorb damage, refreshing collapsed shields faster.
Purge 1 4 15 points Dispels movement penalty effects (roots and snares) also makes the caster briefly immune to these same effects.
Malefic Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's spells have a chance to heal the mage slightly when inflicting harm upon an enemy.
Misdirection 2 4 15 points Teaches the mage the misdirection spell that substantially reduces the hostility of the target, making them less likely to break off and attack the mage.
Blood Hunger 3 4 15 points Reduces the cooldown of the draw forth the hearth incantation.
Specter Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's hostile spells have a chance to restore the caster's mana.
Unleash Power 2 4 15 points Improves area of effect spells by increasing their effective size.
Dark meditation 1 5 Specter Chant 5/5 Floods the mage's blood with new mana but stuns them for spell duration.

Reanimation Edit

Improvements and additions to your undead minions are in this line of feats

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Decomposition 5 1 - Increases the power of the Flesh to Worms spell.
Unholy Power 5 2 5 points Increases the damage inflicted by their undead servants and minions.
Silence of the Dead 1 2 5 points The attacks of the Necromancer's undead servants are less likely to attract the ire of their victims and therefore break off from the current opponent to attack the Necromancer.
Infestation 5 2 5 points There is a chance the worms generated by the Flesh to Worms invocation will seek out and infect other nearby enemies.
Grim Corruptor 3 3 10 points A victim afflicted with the Flesh to Worms spells also suffers increased unholy damage bonus that the undead minion: Corruptor can inflict with its melee attacks.

Deathly Resilience 3 3 Unholy Fortitude Decreases the amount of damage taken by magical attacks aimed at all the Necromancer's undead servants.
Spell - Netherworld Deception 1 3 10 points The necromancer shrouds their vile pet minions with otherworldly powers that decrease their size and make them seem less threatening in battle, so foes are less likely to break off and engage them.
Unholy Fortitude 5 3 10 points Increases the life of all the Necromancer's undead servants. This also increases duration and reduces cooldown of Frenzy
Improved Parasitic Souls 2 4 15 points Increases the chance of the Parasitic Soul Swarm spell summoning and additional undead servant.
Grim Hunger 3 4 15 points The spells of the necromancer's Deathless acolyte and Dread Archmage pets will make victims more vulnerable to cold and unholy damage. Additionaly a small amount of the damage the necromancer inflicts will be converted to healing (0.5% tap health per rank).
Void 1 4 15 points One of your undead minion becomes a conduit to an otherworldly void. This causes all foes near that minion to continually lose stamina and mana.
Ruined Blight 2 4 - Increases the power of the Blighted One's mana drain.
Dread Blight 3 4 - The Necromancer's undead servant the Blighted One inflicts stamina damage as well as mana damage.
One with Death 1 5 - The Necromancer gains the ability to summon another servant (their pet counter is raised by one) but must sacrifice a significant portion of their life. This incantation can be applied up to three times.
Unnatural Dexterity 3 5 - Increases the evasion skill of all the Necromancer's undead servants except the Necrotic Bomb.
Unholy Hands 1 5 25 points The Necromancer causes the hand of the dead to claw out the earth, inflicting unholy damage and slowing enemies in the area. Occasionally the hands will hold a target tight, making it unable to move and inflicting bonus unholy damage.
Bone Horde - 6 30 points The melee attacks of all the Necromancer's undead servants reduce their opponent's offensive strength. The servants movement speed is also increased.
Necrotic Pustule 1 6 - When the undead minion Necrotic Bomb explodes it leaves behind a corpse that pulses nearby enemies with unholy damage.
Bursting Bomb 3 6 - Improves the undead minion Necrotic Bomb, increasing the damage inflicted when it explodes and the area affected.
No Rest for the Dead 1 6 - The Necromancer's next undead minion, Deathless Acolyte or Dread Archmage are instantaneously summoned.
Life Leeches 2 7 - Augments the Life Stealer, one of the Necromancer's undead sorcerer servants, by increasing the amount of healing the team receives when the Life Stealer drains its victims.
Curse of Pain - 7 - This spell curses the target to take increased damage from all attacks.
Night of the Harvester 2 7 - Augments the Harvester, one of the Necromancer's undead sorcerer servants, by increasing stamina and mana gained by the Necromancer and their companions when the Harvester drains its victims.
Cabal 3 7 - The spells cast by the Necromancer's Deathless Acolytes also reduce the damage capabilities of their target. This effect can be applied repeatedly.
Ancient Souls - 7 - Any Parasitic Souls created by your Parasitic Soul Swarm spell last for an extra 15 seconds. Additionally, their attacks have a chance of increasing their lifespan by a further 5 seconds.
Gluttonous Reaper 2 8 - Augments the Reaper, one of the Necromancer undead sorcerer servants, by increasing the frequency and strength of their life restoration powers.
Walk with Death 1 8 - By sacrificing some of their own damage capabilities they increase that of their undead servants.
Master of the Dead 1 8 - Removes the Shackled Heart requirement when summoning undead Dread Archmagi servants.
Empower Archmagus - 8 - Increases the damage and area of effect of the spells of the Archmagus, one of the Necromancer's undead sorcerer servants.
Army of the Dead 1 9 - A channeled spell that raises a short-lived but violent army of undead around the target. The raised undead die if the channeling stops.
Corpse Detonation 1 9 - This incantation detonates any corpses within the area, inflicting unholy damage on nearby enemies.

Nightfall Edit

Improves and adds direct damage spells, sacrifice spells, and punishment spells and effects.
Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Brutal Death 5 0 points Lvl 10 Increases the chance of Ice Strike and Pestilential Blast inflicting critical damage.

Frozen Body 5 5 points Lvl 15 Increase the damage done by the Necromancer's Ice Strike, Chill, and Deathly Blizzard Spells.

Corrupted Soul 5 5 points Lvl 15 Increases the damage of Pestilential Blast, Life Strike, and Blasphemous Ruin spells.

Ice Shards 2 10 points Lvl 20 Augments Ice Strike & Chill spells by increasing the damage inflicted on targets nearby the primary target, and the range of this collateral effect.

Flash Freeze 3 10 points Lvl 20 Reduces casting time and increases damage of Frost Blast and Freeze spells.

Spell - Despoil the Soul 1 10 points Lvl 20 The necromancer sacrifices pet points to increase their magical damage. Also comes with a spell that can reverse the process.

Spell - Flesh of the Wight 1 10 points Lvl 20 Increases the damage absorbed by the spell Runed Flesh. Any enemies attacking the Necromancer also have a chance of being afflicted with a curse that damages them for a short time.

Spell - Sacrifice 1 15 points Lvl 25 Sacrifices one of your pets to grant an increase to your damage for a short period of time. This will sacrifice your lowest point cost first. The bonus damage is proportional to the point value cost of the pet.

Piercing Corruption 5 15 points Lvl 25 Increases the critical damage bonus of Pestilential Blast, Ice Strike, Life Strike, and Chill spells.

Spell - Cannibalism 2 15 points Lvl 25 The Necromancer sacrifices some of their health to regenerate mana.

Spell - Mark of the Devourer 5 15 points Lvl 25 This spell curses the target, periodically inflicting a small amount of unholy damage to the target. The Necromancer continuously gains a small amount of health while this curse is active. Over time the damage inflicted from this, and all other active Marks of the Necromancer, will gradually increase.

Spell - Death Eater 1 20 points Lvl 30 The Necromancer sacrifices one of their undead servants to restore some of their life and boost their life levels.

Spell - Soul Frost 1 20 points Lvl 30 Inflicts instant cold damage to all enemies around the caster if they are sufficiently healthy. The higher their current health, the more damage will be inflicted. For each enemy hit that has more than 90% health left, the caster will regain some mana.

Spell - Decay 1 20 points Lvl 30 Inflicts unholy damage on all injured enemies nearby. The more injured they are, the more damage will be inflicted. For each enemy struck that has less than 10% life the Necromancer will be healed a small amount.

Blasphemed Flesh 2 20 points Lvl 30
Flesh of the Wight
Victims of the Flesh of the Wight spell suffer additional damage if also struck by the Blasphemous Ruin or Parasitic Soul Swarm spell.

Frost Reach 3 25 points Lvl 40 Increases the cone length of the Frost Blast spell.

Wither Soul 2 25 points Lvl 40
Piercing Corruption
The necromancer's Ice Strike and Pestilential Blast spells also reduce the victim's invulnerability ratings for a short time.

Ravenous Souls 2 25 points Lvl 40 The damage of the Parasitic Soul Swarm Spell is increased.

Unholy Inspiration 3 25 points Lvl 40 Using Pestilential Blast increases the damage done by the Necromancer's undead servants for a short time.

Bones of Frost 5 30 points Lvl 50 Increases the area of effect and damage for the Gelid Bones spell.

Touch of Winter 1 30 points Lvl 50
Bones of Frost
Augments the Gelid Bones spell with a movement penalty.

Spell - Soul Absorption 2 30 points Lvl 50 The Necromancer sacrifices one of their undead servants in return for a surge of mana.

Embrace Death 5 30 points Lvl 50 The Necromancer receives a spell damage bonus after they or a minion strike a killing blow. This effect can stack up to 5 times. Investing feat points increases the spell damage bonus.

Spell - Grip of Death 5 35 points Lvl 60
Bones of Frost
A channeled spell than inflicts cold damage on the target and nearby enemies.

The Devourer 3 35 points Lvl 60 Increases the damage of the Reaper and Blood Arcanist pets. Increases the amount of healing from the Blood Arcanist. Increases the magical Lifetap abilities of the Blood Arcanist.

Spell - Plagued Heart Curse 5 35 points Lvl 60
Embrace Death
Enemies around the Necromancer become cursed and have a chance of receiving unholy damage whenever they attack.

Spell - Wretched Heart Curse 3 35 points Lvl 60
Plagued Heart Curse
When Plagued Heart is triggered there is a chance any victims will also be made more susceptible to magical damage.

Spell - Shatter 1 40 points Lvl 70
Grip of Death
Grants the necromancer a spell that shatters any Deathly Blizzard, Frost Blast, Ice Shackle, and Touch of Winter effects in the area, causing cold damage on and around the victims and instantly killing any minions.

Spell - Ritual of the Lich 1 40 points Lvl 70
Plagued Heart Curse
The Necromancer takes on the form of an undead lich. This increases the damage done by the Necromancer's frost and unholy spells. They are also healed by such damage. However, they suffer more damage from fire and holy attacks.

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