Mage Edit

Feat tree common to all mages

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Mage Blood 5 1 none Increases the mage's rate of mana regeneration.
Spiritual Armament 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's defense rating.
Arch Mage 5 2 Malefic Chant 5/5 Augments the mages's magical rating by increasing damage done by both schools of magic.
Mind phase 5 2 5 points Reduces the threat generation of hostile spells, thus reducing the mage's chance of being attacked for damaging enemies with spells.
Spiritual Aegis 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's magical defense rating.
Crimson Shield 3 3 10 points Provides a health boost for mage using (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh and Protection of Set) while this shield is active.
Tome of Erlik 3 3 10 points Grants the mage a new ability that, when used, increases the damage of their spells for a short time.
Mystical Attunement 5 3 10 points Increases the magical damage done by mage's spells .
Mirrored Iron 3 3 10 points Augments the (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh, and Protection of Set) spells, giving them a chance to return some damage to the attacker.
Quickened Iron 3 3 10 points Increases the rate at which (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh,and Protection of Set) spells absorb damage, refreshing collapsed shields faster.
Purge 1 4 15 points Dispels movement penalty effects (roots and snares) also makes the caster briefly immune to these same effects.
Malefic Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's spells have a chance to heal the mage slightly when inflicting harm upon an enemy.
Misdirection 2 4 15 points Teaches the mage the misdirection spell that substantially reduces the hostility of the target, making them less likely to break off and attack the mage.
Blood Hunger 3 4 15 points Reduces the cooldown of the draw forth the hearth incantation.
Specter Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's hostile spells have a chance to restore the caster's mana.
Unleash Power 2 4 15 points Improves area of effect spells by increasing their effective size.
Dark meditation 1 5 Specter Chant 5/5 Floods the mage's blood with new mana but stuns them for spell duration.

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