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Mage Edit

Feat tree common to all mages

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Mage Blood 5 1 none Increases the mage's rate of mana regeneration.
Spiritual Armament 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's defense rating.
Arch Mage 5 2 Malefic Chant 5/5 Augments the mages's magical rating by increasing damage done by both schools of magic.
Mind phase 5 2 5 points Reduces the threat generation of hostile spells, thus reducing the mage's chance of being attacked for damaging enemies with spells.
Spiritual Aegis 5 2 5 points Increases the mage's magical defense rating.
Crimson Shield 3 3 10 points Provides a health boost for mage using (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh and Protection of Set) while this shield is active.
Tome of Erlik 3 3 10 points Grants the mage a new ability that, when used, increases the damage of their spells for a short time.
Mystical Attunement 5 3 10 points Increases the magical damage done by mage's spells .
Mirrored Iron 3 3 10 points Augments the (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh, and Protection of Set) spells, giving them a chance to return some damage to the attacker.
Quickened Iron 3 3 10 points Increases the rate at which (Contract of Protection, Runed Flesh,and Protection of Set) spells absorb damage, refreshing collapsed shields faster.
Purge 1 4 15 points Dispels movement penalty effects (roots and snares) also makes the caster briefly immune to these same effects.
Malefic Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's spells have a chance to heal the mage slightly when inflicting harm upon an enemy.
Misdirection 2 4 15 points Teaches the mage the misdirection spell that substantially reduces the hostility of the target, making them less likely to break off and attack the mage.
Blood Hunger 3 4 15 points Reduces the cooldown of the draw forth the hearth incantation.
Specter Chant 5 4 15 points The mage's hostile spells have a chance to restore the caster's mana.
Unleash Power 2 4 15 points Improves area of effect spells by increasing their effective size.
Dark meditation 1 5 Specter Chant 5/5 Floods the mage's blood with new mana but stuns them for spell duration.

Havoc Edit

Feats in this tree conjure the element of lightning

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Swift Shockstrike 5 1 None Decreases the casting time of the Shockstrike incantation by 0.1 second per rank.
Natural Conductor 5 2 5 points Increases the damage done by the sorcerer's electrical spells by a number.
Discharge Shocks 5 2 5 points Improves the Shockstrike spell by increasing the damage inflicted on enemies adjacent to the primary lightning strike by 3% per rank.
Rapid Recharge 5 3 10 points Reduces the reuse time for your Shock spell by 0.4 seconds per rank.
Demonic Power 2 3 10 points Increases the damage done by all the mage's demonic servants by 20%/50%
Overload 2 3 10 points Whenever Fires of Gehenna, Shockstrike, Hell Storm, Shockblast, Hellfire Stream, Shock or the Wicked Bolt spell is cast there is a chance of building an Overload charge. When this ability is stacked 3 three times the next time the spell is cast it costs zero mana.
Bombardment 5 4 15 points Increases the attack range of the Shock and Shockstrike spells by 1.5m each rank.
Earth Recharge 5 4 15 points The demonologist's direct damage spells have a chance of restoring a portion of mana when cast.
Living Thunderstorm 1 5 20 points Learn spell: Living Thunderstorm. Summons a dark thundercloud that slowly moves toward the target inflicting damage on any enemy in its path. When it reaches its target it detonates with a single massive lightning bolt.
Agonizing Jolts 1 5 20 points Learn spell: Agonizing Jolts. Channels lightning that leaves lingering damage for a short time and reduces the victim's movement speed.
Soul Resonance 1 5 20 points Enemies affected by the Shock spell become more vulnerable to elemental damage and inflict damage to all nearby enemies shortly afterwards.
Chained Shockstrike 3 6 25 points Enhances the Shockstrike spell with a chance of also inflicting significant electrical to a single nearby target.
Possession 1 6 25 points Learn spell: Possession. A channeling spell that either stuns it target or makes it go berserk.
Copper Storm Chains 3 6 25 points Increases the damage done by the Storm Chains spell.
Charged Storm Chains 1 6 Copper Storm Chains + 25 points Improves the Storm Chains spell by adding a pulsing electrical damage effect.
Overload Shockblast 3 6 25 points Augments the Shockblast spell by adding a chance to cause bonus electrical damage to each target hit.
Demon Heart of Chatha 3 7 30 points Improves the Demon Heart invocation by increasing the rate of regeneration and resistances to stun and fear.
Wicked Bolts 5 7 30 points Learn spell: Wicked Bolts. A swift casting lightning strike that also flings the target backwards. Adding ranks increases the distance the target is knocked back.
Hell's Embrace 2 8 35 points Increases the health bonus received from the Demonic Vitality incantation cast by the demonologist's Demon Guardian servant.
Fury of the Underworld 2 8 35 points Increases the damage bonus received from the Corrupting Essence spell cast by the demon pet Fettered Demon.
Pact of Earthwalking 1 9 40 points Learn spell: Pact of Earthwalking. Frees your pet from the chains that bind it, allowing it to manifest in the world with all of its powers.
Thunderclap 1 9 40 points Learn spell: Thunderclap. A channeled spell that invokes a cone shaped energy field that inflicts electrical damage and has a chance of flinging aside anyone caught in it.

Conflagration Edit

Feats in this tree conjure the element of fire

Feat Ranks Tier Requirements Description
Deeper Fires 5 1 - Increases the damage done by the Fires of Gehenna invocation by a percentage.
Pyromancer 5 2 - Increases the damage done by all the demonologist's fire based spells by a number.
Glowing Embers Fluidic Fires 5 2 - Improves the Fires of Gehenna spell with a splash effect that damages enemies nearby the primary target. The splash is a percentage of the spell's damage.
Lingering Flames 5 3 - Improves the Fires of Gehenna spell by increasing the damage of its lingering Incinerate effect by a percentage.
Amassed Flames 2 3 Fluidic Fires Augments the Fires of Gehenna spell with additional fire damage. Can be stacked up to 5 times.
Demonic War 2 4 - Improves the Whispers of War spell by adding a damage bonus component.
Unholy Hate 1 4 Demonic War Learn spell: Unholy Hate. This incantation increases the physical and magical damage inflicted by all team members.
Field of Fires 3 4 Lingering Flames Enhances the Fires of Gehenna by adding an area effect enabling it to affect more than a single target.
Demonic Frenzy 3 4 - Empowers the spells of demonic servants with additional splash damage.
Consume Flames 3 4 - Learn spell: Consume Flames. Converts the lingering damage effect of the Fires of Gehenna and converts it into mana regeneration for the demonologist.
Living Firestorm 1 5 - Learn spell: Living Firestorm. A ground targeted fire spell that leaves a field of flames that inflict fire damage on anyone in the area.
Devouring Flames 1 5 - Augments the Fires of Gehenna spell so that the corpses of any enemy killed by the spell's lingering flames continue to burn fiercely, damaging any nearby enemies.
Detonation 1 5 - Learn spell: Detonation. Converts the Flame of Gehenna lingering damage effect into instant fire damage that affects all nearby enemies. If the target is a minion it is instantly slain.
Black Ashes 2 6 - Enhances the Firestorm spell by inflicting a greater damage reduction penalty on its victims.
Infernal Body 5 7 - Learn spell: Flame body. Increases the damage of the demonologist's fire spells and their fire resistance but makes them more susceptible to cold damage.
Greater Flames 1 7 - Learn spell: Growing Flame. Increases the casting time and the damage done by their next Fires of Gehenna spell.
Hell's Pavise 2 7 - Increases the strength of the damage shield spell Shield of Infernal Flame cast by the sorcerer's Demon Avenger servant.
Gate of Hell 1 8 Hell's Pavise Learn spell: Gate of Hell. Banishes target if it is a demon and inflicts massive fire damage should they return or roots other target types to the floor then slowly burns them alive for a short time.
Hell's Blood 2 8 - Increases the regeneration bonus received from the Vile Ambrosia incantation cast by the sorcerer's Demon Slave servant.
Set's Chosen 5 8 Infernal Body Improves the Pact with Set and Bloody Pact with Set spells by reducing the amount of damage done to the demonologist. The effect is a percentage.
Breach Pact 2 8 Set's Chosen Reduces the mana cost of the Breach Pact spell.
Phase Out 2 8 - Decreases the cast time and increases the bonuses of the Planar Shift spell.
Impish Horde Impish Horde 1 9 Gate of Hell Learn spell: Impish Horde. Banishes the demonologist's current servants and summons a gang of fireball throwing imps.
Let Them Burn 1 9 Set's Chosen Learn spell: Let Them Burn. Channels fire at the target and burns any enemies nearby. The flame's strength increases while channelling.

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