Factions Ranks / Progression in Rise of the Godslayer Edit

  • All factions have differing ranks. Each rank gives access to more and more Faction items - Armor, Weapons (Rank 4), Potions (Rank 4) and Epic Armor.
  • Ones rank with a particular faction can be increased in numerous ways:
  1. By killing members of the opposing faction (if they have an opposition).
  2. Trading in Imperial Insignia's to Faction Heralds.
  3. Completing Faction Quests.
RotGS-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Rise of the Godslayer.
Faction Ranks
1 2 3 4
Brittle Blade Thug Strangler Stalker Blade
Yellow Priests of Yun Acolyte Monk Deacon Archdeacon
The Scarlet Circle Neophyte Thaumaturges Sorcerer Summoner
Shadows of Jade Pickpocket Footpad Thief Jade Shadow
The Last Legion Soldier Captain Commander General
Scholars of Cheng-ho Initiate Reader Savant Scholar
Children of Yag-kosha Pilgrim Believer Mystic Sage
Tamarin’s Tigers Venturer Freebooter Mercenary Tiger
Wolves of the Steppes Brigand Raider Bandit Wolf of the Steppes
The Hyrkanians Walker Blooded Clan Bound Honored
Jiang Shi Enlightened
  • NOTE: Rank 4 (Purple) is required in any Faction in order to buy Pets, Faction Potions and Epic Dungeon Armor.

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