Faction PotionsEdit

Each Faction, excepting the Jiang Shi and Insurrection, sell a specific potion. Each cost 20 Marks of Acclaim and you must be Rank 4 in that Faction to buy it (although not to actually use it).

Yellow Priests of YunEdit

Brew of Acute AcumenEdit

Brew of acute acumen

Children of Yag-KoshaEdit

Brew of Acute AptitudeEdit

Brew of acute aptitude

Brittle BladeEdit

Brew of Accute BrawnEdit

Brew of acute brawn

Last LegionEdit

Brew of Acute ForsightEdit

Brew of acute foresight

Shadows of JadeEdit

Brew of Acute FortitudeEdit

Brew of acute fortitude


Brew of Vigorous AcumenEdit

Brew of vigorous acumen

Tamarin TigersEdit

Brew of Vigorous AptitudeEdit

Brew of vigorous aptitude

Scholars of Cheng-HoEdit

Brew of Vigorous BrawnEdit

Brew of vigorous brawn

Wolves of the SteppeEdit

Brew of Vigorous ForesightEdit

Brew of vigorous foresight

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