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How does the combat system work in Age of Conan? Edit

The simple answer is: Unlike anything you’ve seen before in any MMO. One of the key features in Age of Conan is its hands-on approach to combat. With Real Combat, we have created a system that really brings players into the game and makes them active participants in each battle they fight. This system gives you control over your attacks in real-time, and requires aiming, planning, and coordination, rather than clicking auto-attack and walk away. Players must make strategic decisions regarding how and where they stand in relation to the enemies they are fighting, as well as figuring out how to circumvent their defenses and do the most damage. We call this the Real Combat System, and it promises to bring a unique element of action to MMO combat.

In other games of the genre, combat is usually as simple as targeting something and clicking a fight button, but in Age of Conan, you actually have to direct your weapons in real-time, guiding your strikes around the enemy’s guard for maximum damage. With this unique system, you can also hit multiple enemies at once, so if you slash your sword through two enemies standing next to each other, both of them will suffer damage. It is all, in a word, real.

That’s fine for melee fighters, but what about ranged combat? Edit

Players who prefer using ranged weapons will also experience the real combat system. In most games, you equip a bow, click the “Fire” button, and see your character fire the arrows automatically, but in Age of Conan, you have the option of aiming and firing manually as you would in a single player game, with skill and precision rewarded accordingly. While it makes archery more demanding, but it also makes it much more exciting.

Alright, well, that sounds fun for those guys, but I play a caster/priest class. What about me? Edit

Don’t think the robes and magic will keep you out of the fray! Age of Conan is all about combat, and our caster/healer/priest-type classes will all be able to get in the scrum and split some skulls. Magic using classes will have access to a system we call Spellweaving that adds a new element above and beyond simply pressing a button and casting a spell.

How will you actually control your attacks? Edit

While we’ve looked at the best of the combat systems in other MMOs, the major difference in Age of Conan is that you can control your character’s combat moves in real-time. You will have to use your keyboard to strike in certain directions and aim your attacks manually. All in all, there will be a massive amount of strategic opportunities, but the system is designed to guide you along the way and help you learn to play.

Will there be dodging or blocking in the game? Edit

There is dodging and blocking in the game, yes.

There is the traditional stat-based blocking, parrying, and dodging, where your character’s level and skills are taken into account during the course of combat.

It will also be possible to take a more active approach by hiding behind cover, using obstacles to your advantage, changing your positioning, standing behind heavily armored friends, etc.. Age of Conan features collision detection, so learning the ancient art of maneuver will be critical!

Finally, on a more tactical level, we’re integrating a more complicated system of defense where your character can control where and how he or she reacts to incoming attacks, so if you’re good and know a big hit is coming, you can shift your defense accordingly.

Is it possible to fight while riding on horseback? Edit

Yes! On most mounts, you will be able to engage in melee combat, cast spells, and shoot arrows, and all mounts will have attacks of their own to aid you while in combat. However, just like in real life, mounts can be a bit difficult to handle and relatively slow to turn, meaning there’s always the risk of someone sneaking into your blind spot and taking you down! Riding skill also matters, since mounts can charge into crowds and do damage. Learning to strike foes as you ride past will undoubtedly test your skill, however, there’s serious damage potential for those who are skilled.

How is targeting done in Age of Conan? Edit

Targeting is done in various ways.

Some abilities may only hit one target, like the guy standing in front of you. Some attacks and abilities may hit multiple targets, like if you swing a weapon into a crowd of enemies, you will actually hit them all, which can make combat more frantic, dynamic, and exciting. In ranged combat, you can zoom in and aim at specific foes. Some abilities, (spells, especially), may hit a certain area around the caster or a spot the caster picks.

Will you be able to queue attacks? Edit

Yes, you will be able to queue attacks, but only a few. When you make a strike, the game will put this into queue and perform it when your current strike is complete. So you can line up strikes, or attacks, if that is what you want. Or you can fight dynamically and perform strikes as they are completed. There will not be a macro system for the real-time combat.

Does all this talk of player skill and maneuvering and everything else mean that my character’s skills and development don’t matter? Edit

Not at all! Age of Conan has a deep RPG skill system with skills, feats, and abilities that contribute to how powerful and effective you are in combat. Players will have to raise these through gaining experience points via quests and combat. There will also be separate skill development systems for PvP and crafting. The Real Combat System is just a way to add more human skill and interaction to a genre that’s become known for its rather static and non-interactive combat.

What level of gore will there be in combat? Edit


Always watch your front!

We’ve tried to stay true to the original vision of Robert E. Howard, which means combat needs to be brutal, barbaric, and bloody. Age of Conan is also a Mature/17+ rated game, and that allows us to portray a truer depiction of combat than has been seen in most MMOs. There will be blood, decapitations, graphic violence, and everything else you would expect from a dark, mature world like Hyboria.

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