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Will there be tradeskills and crafting in Age of Conan? Edit

Yes, definitely. However, at launch in 2008 the tradeskill system was very poorly designed and implemented [1] Aside from nerfing gems, to reduce melee damage the tradeskill system has not been changed or improved post launch so professions are even more behind the curve in comparison to other MMOs.

What sort of Trade skills are there? Edit

There are five crafting skills, listed below. A character can have two crafting skills. A character can choose any of the gathering skills however. Also these skills will only be available for your character at level 40.


As the name implies, a weaponsmith specializes in making various forms of weaponry for arming those he plans to support in battle. Using techniques passed down for generations, a smith trained in these arts can produce some of the most deadly weapons in Hyboria. In addition to creating arms, this smith may also supply various other forms of weapon enhancement materials, such as whetstones and polishes.


Similar to the weaponsmith, the armorsmith focuses on crafting various pieces of protective gear in addition to ways to enhance said equipment. Having many avenues available to them in terms of advancement, the armorsmith may choose to provide a very wide variety of armor styles, ranging from leather to full plate.


Taking advantage of the skills of the armor and weapon smiths, the gemcutter specializes in honing and crafting gems to decorate and enhance equipment. While some gems only have minor effects, others found in crypts or carried by those practicing darker arts may carry strange powers which can be harnessed by the gemcutter’s craft. As the gemcutter is familiar with working with a fresh set of armor or weaponry, they can also provide some more straightforward modifications such as counterweights or other reinforcement.


Trained in various pharmaceutical and metallurgical arts, the Alchemist specializes in creating various compounds with strange and seemingly unnatural effects. Utilizing both common and rare ingredients found around Hyboria, those trained in this art may provide many useful consumables to their allies for use both in and out of battle.


Concerned more with the “big picture” than simply making equipment or potions, the architect is set on designing the more impressive buildings and siege engines used to wage war in the Border Kingdoms and beyond. Carrying a great burden of responsibility to those he allies himself with, architects facilitate the design of cities as well as devices designed to protect his allies’ assets or destroy his enemy’s.

How do you perform crafting? Edit

Crafting is tied to different kinds of equipment that you have to use in the process. There are different kinds of establishments and structures – many of which are available to put in the player cities – which players can seek out. These may, for instance, be the smithy where players can practice the art of creating weapons and armor. The crafting system is made to be detailed and complex, yet at the same time be simple and easy to learn. There will be requirements to be met, there will be resources you need to collect in order to make things, and there is equipment that must be used to create the items. But everything will, hopefully, be very self-explanatory.

How do you become a better craftsman? Edit

There are six tiers of crafted goods in each different crafting school. Each tier is achieved by performing a number of quests for an NPC master crafter. Once all the quests for one tier have been completed you can move onto the next tier.

Will player-made items be better than other items? Edit

In Hyboria, the crafted equipment is slated to hold a very special place in the object hierarchy. The player-made items are the only ones where you can insert socket gems - thus increasing their flexibility and adaptability. The question of whether you'll find the best items in dark dungeons or on the player market, is difficult to answer and the best way to put it is probably saying that each will have their advantages and disadvantages. The gem socket system will be very valuable to the player-made items, but at the same time, dark dungeons do tend to have some useful loot.

Will the item quality depend on the resource quality? Edit

Only with gems.

Will craftsmen be able to make anything other than items? Edit

Yes, they will be able to make siege engines such as catapults and trebuchets that can be used in battles, and those who master the architect skill will also be able to create buildings and place them in the player city. The craftsmen of Hyboria have incredible power when it comes to shaping the environments and the lives of people who live there.

Is it possible to just be a crafter and nothing else? Edit

No, you will need to advance in level as well. The Crafter is a prestige class, and prestige classes do not open up until later in the game. The crafting prestige class – or any of the other prestige classes that also can master one or two crafting skills – are supplements to your main class, so you will still have to choose to be something else. Since advancement in your crafting class in capped by your main class level, you will also need to advance in level to reach each additional tier of crafting.

What happens to my crafting abilities if my guild's Battlekeep is destroyed? Edit

Dev Quote on Topic: The highest-end crafting should not be looked at as a "right", but as a reward based on hard work and desire to have the capacity to create the top-end tradeskills in the game. Those things that we view as the basic building-blocks of the tradeskill system should be available to everyone, all the time...whereas those things we view as special will come as the result of heavy dedication to one's craft.

This implies that, if you join a guild merely for the sake of gaining crafting benefits and don't attempt to put in your share of a defense should you be attacked, then you will lose the benefits you gain from that guild having a Battlekeep; or, should your player city be overrun by the NPC hive, then from your player city benefits. In short, defend your cities and in turn your trade and you will reap the benefits.

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