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Race / Class Comparison
Aquilonian Cimmerian Stygian Khitan
Priest of Mitra Ф
Bear Shaman Ф Ф
Tempest of Set Ф
Assassin Ф Ф Ф
Ranger Ф Ф Ф Ф
Barbarian Ф Ф
Guardian Ф Ф Ф
Conqueror Ф Ф
Dark Templar Ф Ф Ф
Demonologist Ф Ф
Necromancer Ф Ф
Herald of Xotli Ф Ф

What Races and Classes can I play? Edit

See table to right. Click on a Class or Race on the previous page for more details.

Will there be crafting-specific classes? Edit

No. You won’t pick a crafting class like you would pick an ordinary class. Crafters will have specific skills and talents of their own, but there isn’t a specific “crafting” class, per se.

What crafting skills are there? Edit

  • Weaponsmithing: Picking up this trade allows you to craft various types of weaponry, from swords to staffs, from daggers to crossbows. Everything needed to kill your opponents!
  • Armorsmithing: If you wish to go the completely opposite route from the weaponsmith, try picking up the armorsmithing craft that allows you to craft various types of armor pieces.
  • Alchemy: Do you enjoy mixing things into vials and seeing how the result affects people? Then you should try your luck at alchemy, allowing you to make various types of potions.
  • Architecture: City-building is an integral part of Age of Conan, and you will need someone skilled in the arts of architecture to draw up the plans needed for the different buildings.
  • Gemcutting: Monsters tend to drop rough gems that the gemcutter can turn into powerful enchantments, and these can be placed into other crafted items to make them more potent.

For a full overview on crafting, please see this article.

What sort of skills will players have in-game? Edit

Some examples are:

  • Perception: How well you observe the environment around you, for instance noticing hidden enemies or possibly even traps.
  • Bandaging: Allows you to quickly heal when you’re not in combat.
  • Renew Mana: Similar to bandaging, but this affects your mana pool.
  • Casting Concentration: Determines how prone you are to having your spell cancelled when casting. For instance, being attacked causes distraction.
  • Hiding: In the world of Hyboria everybody can hide a little, making you difficult to spot. Not everyone is equally as good at it, though!
  • Climbing: Determines the difficulty of objects you can climb.
  • Taunt: The higher your skill is in taunting, the greater chance you have in increasing the hate value of your attack. Perfect for tank characters.

For a good overview on skills, please see this article.

How do feats work? Edit

Feats are the essence of character development.

Each class will have three lines of feats. One will be shared with other classes of the same archetype (think of it as a “general” feat tree), with two class-specific featlines to further customize your character, based around what you want to do and how you want to play the game. There are hundreds of different feats in the game and they can do anything from modifying statistics to granting new abilities.

For a good overview on feats and character development, please see this article.

How many levels are there in the game? Edit

At launch, the game will include 80 levels in total. This is the main experience pool, which you advance by fighting, finishing quests, and the usual ways of developing your character. There is also a PvP-specific leveling system, as well as various other ways of character differentiation.

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