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Originally based off of BalMaethor UI by Harcos_BM @ Curse
Compact Region Map by Vitrious @ Curse


  • Removed graphics around ActionBars
  • Removed MiniMap
  • Replaced MiniMap with Utility corner for all relevant buttons
  • Compact Region Map used to replace MiniMap
  • Made Compact Region Map sizeable down to 150 Pixel square
  • Added additional ActionBar (Not bound to hotkeys)
  • Sliced up the MainBar into a CombatBar and remaining section (This is still hotkey bound)
  • Moved Pet bar to right side of screen below Utility Corner
  • Moved LagMeter to Upper Left below Social controls
  • Scalled down all ActionBar slots to 32 Pixels (Originally 45 Pixels)

Version HistoryEdit

V1.2 : Release 05/29/2008 - Compatibility Update / New Features
V1.1 : Release 05/28/2008 - Compatibility Update
V1.0 : Release 05/26/2008


Eldar UI 1.0

Screenshot of Eldar UI 1.0

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