Dungeon set 1 items drop randomly (rarely) around the world starting on level 40 enemies and up until level 49. They also drop more frequently off trash mobs and assuredly from bosses in the Daily Quest dungeons: Imirian Ravine, Frost Swamp, Oasis of Zaara

Sets contain 6 items. The Wrist, Feet and Belt are all tradable. The Chest, Shoulder and Head are not.

Dungeon Set 1 (level 40-49)

IconSmall Assassin Assassin IconSmall Barbarian Barbarian IconSmall Bear Shaman Bear Shaman IconSmall Conqueror Conqueror IconSmall Dark Templar Dark Templar IconSmall Demonologist Demonologist
Whispering Corybantic Bestial Challenger Heretic's Brimstoned
IconSmall Guardian Guardian IconSmall Herald of Xotli Herald of Xotli IconSmall Necromancer Necromancer IconSmall Priest of Mitra Priest of Mitra IconSmall Ranger Ranger IconSmall Tempest of Set Tempest of Set
Watchmen's Harbinger Forsaken Devotee's Pathfinder's Zephyrous

Armor Sets
Class Sets IconSmall Assassin    - IconSmall Barbarian    - IconSmall Bear Shaman    - IconSmall Conqueror    - IconSmall Dark Templar    - IconSmall Demonologist    - IconSmall Guardian    - IconSmall Herald of Xotli    - IconSmall Necromancer    - IconSmall Priest of Mitra    - IconSmall Ranger    - IconSmall Tempest of Set   
Dungeon (Group) Dungeon Set 1 - Dungeon Set 2 - Dungeon Set 3 - Dungeon Set 4 - Dungeon Set 5 - Dungeon Set 6
Tier (Raid) Tier 1 - Tier 2

All info above is outdated and wrong.

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