Draw Forth the Heart

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Rank Level Mana Cost Mana Gained Instantly Magic Damage Modifier Mana Over Time Group Mana
1 45 55 +78 +1% +78 +94
2 65 72 +93 +1.5% +93 +112
3 75 92 +97 +2% +97 +117
Draw Forth the Heart
File:Draw forth the heart icon.jpg
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Hostile Spell
Range 5
Casting Time 2 seconds

Effect Renews Mana, Magic Damage Modifier

Effect over time Renews Mana every 1 second, Fatality after 2 seconds

Duration 1 hour
This spell instantly slays an enemy minion and restores the demonologist's mana and any in their company. The caster also gains a Shackled Heart, which increases their magic damage rating.

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