Drain Life

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Drain Life
DT Spells Drain Life (Rank 1)
Class Dark Templar

Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 3 seconds

Effect +% Tap Health
+% Tap Mana (*Feat)
+% Tap Stamina (*Feat)

Duration 1 hour
This blood rite enables the Dark Templar to absorb blood spilled by them in battle. A fraction of the damage the caster inflicts will be converted into instant healing.

Rank Mana Cost Level Effect
1 60 ?? 2.8% Tap Health
2 140 ?? 3.9% Tap Health
3 202 ?? 5.1% Tap Health
4 257 ?? 6.0% Tap Health
5 357 ?? 6.4% Tap Health

Note: This spell triggers on physical damage only. The feats Vigor Leech and Ether Leech add a stamina and mana drain component to this spell.

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