Divine Lance

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Divine Lance
Rank 0/5

Improves the Lance of Mitra spell by healing allies close to enemies struck by Lance of Mitra. The mana cost of Lance of Mitra is also increased. Investing further points increases the heal effect and mana cost.

Divine Lance is a Priest of Mitra tier 2 feat located in the Divinity tree.

Divine Lance detailsEdit

Rank 1

  • Enemies struck by the Lance of Mitra spell trigger a heal effect, Divine Lance, on allies near the target(s) of the spell.
  • Mana cost of Lance of Mitra increased by 40%.

Rank 2/3/4/5

  • Increases the heal effect of Divine Lance by 100/200/300/400%.
  • Increases the the mana cost of Lance of Mitra by 80/120/160/200%.
Level 10 80
Base healing 10 64
  • The base heal amount scales from level to level.
  • The base radius of this heal effect is somewhere between 3m and 5m.
  • The max amount healed by the Divine Lance effect is 3.

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