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Divine Halo
Rank 0/5
35 points spent in this line

Most spells that inflicts holy damage builds up a Divine Blessing buff on the Priest. Each stack of Divine Blessing increase the Base Spell Damage of Condemnation by 1%. When this buff reaches 5 stacks, the priest gains the Divine Halo effect which periodically heals the ally with lowest percentage health in the team. A successful heal will consume one charge of the Divine Blessing stack. The Divine Halo effect ends when the Divine Blessing stack is removed.

Divine Halo is a Priest of Mitra tier 8 feat located in the Divinity tree.



Rank 1

  • Whenever any of the following spells hit a target, a Divine Blessing buff is placed upon the priest: Rebuke, Repulse, Smite, Cleansing Fire, Lance of Mitra, Condemnation or Mitra's Searing Eye.
  • Each stack of Divine Blessing increase the damage of Condemnation by 1%
  • The Divine Blessing duration is reset for each new Divine Blessing, last 15 seconds, and once there are 5 stacks (max amount) of Divine Blessing on the priest, the Divine Halo buff will activate on the priest.
  • The Divine Halo buff heals the target in the priest's group within ? meters who has the lowest percentage hit points every 3-4 seconds. Minions and totems are also healed by this.
  • For each heal, one Divine Blessing is subtracted. When there's no Divine Blessing stacks left, the Divine Halo buff is removed.
  • The base heal value at lvl 80 is 119.

Rank 2/3/4/5

  • Increases the healing of Divine Halo by 25/50/75/100%

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