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Devotional Prayer
Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 35
Max rank 3
Mana Cost 47 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 4 seconds

Effect Bonus Combat Rating (Holy)

Duration 4 hours
This prayer instills religious zeal and blesses the weapons of those facing battle. All melee and ranged attacks do additional holy damage.


Level 35 55 75 80
Rank 1 2 3 3
Mana cost 22 33 44 47
Bonus Combat Rating 25 64 94 100

Related FeatsEdit

  • Holy Conquest: Improves the Devotional Prayer buff so it grants additional Combat Rating (Holy).
  • (AA) Empowered Devotional Prayer: Augments the Devotional Prayer buff causing it to increase the priest's magic damage by aproximately 4 per rank.

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