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Ideally, moving while stealth should give great bonus to people percieving you. Using the twig cracking example earlier I could freeze to keep my stealth at its best and if the person turns around hope that their perception fails even looking my direction (but they would have a bonus to see me) or I could decide to charge them screaming in hopes of still catching them unprepared, or maybe if there is grass I could lay down quickly and still and try to crawl away. I like the idea of having to work at it.

Playing cat and mouse and having the roles switch is part of the fun.

Well Conan is not "Thief 4 welcome to Hyboria" so rogues as all other classes will have to have their skills in combat as well as other things.

The bounty system I proposed would include things for low health ganking so then it would not be as much of an issue.

I don't get the stealth complaint when we are not talking about exploits and re-stealth/re-hide issues.

The big ones people complain about are rogue vanish in WoW and the old stealth in DAOC where an archer could re-hide after shooting and be hidden before his arrow struck you.

I don't like using other games as examples I like looking at what they did. Certain types of characters will almost always be vulnerable to those who can stealth because they dont have armor (usually caster types) a rogue can generally not do enough damage from stealth against armor to outright kill an opponent quickly and then has a luck filled and uphill battle to win. The reason that people complain about rogues in WoW is the stunlocking. Vanish just happens to be a part of that so they can re-use an opening cheap shot manuever. Could a rogue ambush+backstab a caster and kill them in two hits? Probably but there isnt much wrong with that in my opinion its all a big system of checks and balances. Should a rogue be able to stun repeatedly a plate wearing warrior and kill him? Hmm not terribly realistic to bang on their helmet and stun them

On a side note the presentation of stealth and the game it made of it in Shadowbane was quite cool. A stealther could not usually kill much if any of your party in direct confrontation but scouting and stealthing actually had non combat roles

That comes back to what I said about stealth giving classes the advantage of choosing when to fight.

I also agree that making other classes have abilities to counter stealth is a better answer than reducing stealths efficiency.

My mindset is to try to solve things in the "allow freedom but with consequences" dont remove the option, instead make sure a counter is available

Solo always softer classes tend to be prey to rogues. But armored opponents can usually beat them. (WoW is kind of an exception because of the amount of stuns they gave rogues)

In Conan you will be able to use formations to protect the softer classes which should keep rogues from being able to get to them easily if you so desire.

Well I certainly never stated it would be invisibility or that it would be instant I said we do not know how it will be implemented specifically.

You know when magicians do tricks they often dont do anything truly out if sight its sleight of hand by the same token a person can easily hide amidst a crowd of 100 people if he distracts them properly

Im not sure how stealth is going to be handled yet in Conan but we will have something to that effect.

We have the technology to actually determine things like senses and can could potentially incorporate far more depth into when you would spot a sneaking player or not. Everything from camoflage to shadows, to the armor you wear making noise.

The arguement against stealth classes is because this stealth gives them the element of surprise. Anytime you can choose where and when to fight an enemy you have a tactical advantage.

You can get the same advantage without stealth it just takes use of cover and creativity

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