Developer quotes Edit

Finally, but most importantly, we offer a Master-apprentice system. Here you may include a lower level player in your party, and "sponsor" her or him with levels. This boosts the lower level player's hit-points and power - without giving access to the level locked areas or powers. This is - we think - the most useful option to really let friends play together even though they gain levels at different speeds.

IGN, 11th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

A big part of the team-based PvP is our auto-balancing system. Using the Apprentice Leveling system, the members of a team will be slightly boosted to match 1 of 4 tiers. Level 20-28 player will be boosted to level 28, for example. It should make PvP less based on your Player vs. Environment level, and more on having fun. We're also implementing a PvP-only leveling system. Here you can gain feats only usable in PvP. This system is in parallel to the normal system of gaining levels, so that we reward the dedicated PvP players.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

Another important feature is the Apprentice system. This enables a master (the player) to help the powers of another he teams with (the apprentice). This allows friends to share gaming experiences, even though they gain levels at different speeds. This system is similar to the ones we use to auto-level (temporarily) the characters to even their powers out during PvP. And the powers you gain are somewhat "shallow" compared to those of someone who actually reached the levels in the normal manner.

IGN, 22th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)

We have an apprentice/mentor system already planned and in game. The tier system is also automatically used in mini game pvp

Official forum post,18th September 2007(Athelan)

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