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I must also note that we use writers from Mongoose Publishing to aid us in our quest, the creators of the excellent Conan pen and paper RPG. They have Conan lore experts that are always accessible (I need to point out, though, that the game system Mongoose Publishing has created, is not the same as in our game, Online Computer RPG's have other needs that pen and paper RPG's.) It is also important to underline that it has been a clear goal to bring the Conan universe into the 21st century. Robert E. Howard wrote his masterpieces a long time ago, and the world has moved on. It is vital to make new creative choices, while loving and keeping the essence of the universe. For one thing, there will be more female warriors in our game, as an example.

IGN, 11th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

We are definitively using the original works of author Robert E. Howard as our main inspiration, but we are also drawing inspiration from the spin-of novels, movies and comics, even the figurines. To create a world true to the dark vision of Howard is incredibly important to us, and only by staying true to the universe can we please both ourselves and the fans.

Gamecloud , 19th May 2005 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

Hyboria is an interesting universe for us because it can be likened to the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, if you will - a lewd, destructive world filled with sin. To me, Hyboria is like an "ID driven" society (ref. Freud), where mankind is always acting on their sexual, power or selfish impulses. This chaotic, destructive backdrop is what Conan wanders on to. He is literally from outside the civilized, sinful society, and he is a destructive force as he moves through the world. Conan could often be heard saying something like "I am not civilized enough to break my word" - where his barbaric code of honor sets him apart from the civilized pack. I guess this is all Howard's commentary on the time in which he wrote - between two wars, an early Darwinistic and Freudian society where man was an animal for the first time, and all that was bad was society imposing strict rules and regulations.

IGN, 17th June 2005 (Gaute Godager)

The overall setting of the Age of Conan game is some years after the point when Conan ascended the throne as King of Aquilonia... Of note here, all brand new Conan novels coming from Penguin Books the next couple of years will actually be in the same setting as the game. They are found under the collective title Hyborian Adventures, just like the game. New characters are created in the books, characters you will find in the game as well - it should be a great background setting for the game to reading up on them. We have tried to make this setting take place some time after the Howard novel Hour of the Dragon.

IGN, 17th June 2005 (Gaute Godager)

There are many friendly NPCs from the Conan universe brought to life for the first time in a computer role-playing game. Since these characters are so closely tied to the story, I will refrain from name-dropping as this might spoil the fun for the many people whose chief goal in the game is discovering and interacting with the story. Several of the main characters from the Conan mythos will have voice actors and well-written scripts that motivate player interaction. These characters serve as an integrated and very important part of the license, and reflect our emphasis on storytelling in Hyboria during the reign of Conan.

IGN, 11th July 2005 (Gaute Godager)

Although the lore is very important to us, we also have to consider that we are making a game. Games should be fun. I doubt you will see Priests or Mages turned into boring or weak classes just to artificially limit the population of them in relationship to how some may view lore. I think the goal will to make all classes as equally attractive as possible, and not to beat people over the head just for choosing a Mage as what they would like to play in the game.

Personally, I don't believe an "unfun" class should exist in the game. Different, sure...but any option the player chooses should be fun.

Forums, 17th August 2005 (Jayde)

No, they are not exclusively from Robert E. Howard’s writing. What is important about the Hyborian universe is that it is a ‘pulp fantasy’ world. There are many different authors, even including famous fantasy authors like Robert Jordan, and there are ‘many Conans’ in this universe. Though we have tried to focus on the works by Howard, we have included well-written, strong lore from other sources as well.

PC.Gamezone, 22nd September 2005 (Gaute Godager)

Conan will be part of the story in many places in the game. You will meet him in his throne room, see him ride forth into battle and see him summon deadly military force against his enemies in the battlefield. These occurrences will be happening for the player every now and then, and it is story-driven, more than an instance which features the hero being played by an actor or as a "spawnable NPC."

Ogaming, 20th January 2006 (Gaute Godager)

The three races will have different abilities, each have different classes available to them and all also feature different looks and home towns. They will have to interact and cooperate against the arch-enemy of this game, as defined by the story.

Ogaming, 20th January 2006 (Gaute Godager)

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