Developer quotes Edit

There are no firm plans for fully localised versions at this stage, but it is certainly something that we will consider in the future.

Forums, 16th September 2005 (Silirrion)

I would like to stress that Germany is a very important country for Funcom, and we plan to support Germany as much as we can through both German speaking servers, German customer service, German payment options and hopefully many other services related to the German market. We will try our very best to make sure the Germans will get their own unique community, enabling everyone who wants to try Conan the chance to do so regardless of whether they understand English or not., 10th November 2005 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

We will be having many servers with smaller populations rather then a single or few large scale servers with massive populations. There will most likely be localised version in some manner, but the exact details of such won't be confirmed until much closer to launch

Forums, 11th February 2006 (Silirrion)

It will be localized in French on or around launch and we will also have a French server. I mean, Craig Morrison, our excellent community relations manager, is currently working on getting French forum moderators. His goal and Funcom's goal is to try to support community in France and in Germany and in English speaking as good as we can, and also in numerous other nations of course., 2nd April 2006 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

If that will also include Asia in the very near future remains to be seen, but this is of course a goal for us. We have a lot of employees working in Oslo and both developers and community are there on the boards to let our community know we care, and that we listen. In the end we will also have local moderators and local volunteers to make the local communities even better, with more info from Funcom to give directly to the players. I think a key for any online game or online action rpgs is to be local in certain aspect, and Craig and others are hard at work on making this as good as it can be towards launch and beyond., 2nd April 2006 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

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