Developer quotes Edit

Indeed we do plan to have a similar (editor: as in AO) support system in Age of Conan, the exact details though aren't decided as yet though given that Age of Conan is a very different game to Anarchy Online. We will make announcements about this closer to launch.

Forums, 20th December 2005 (Silirrion)

As far as I know.. support plan to have something similar to the ARK program in Conan.

Fourms, 3rd January 2006 (Mjoellnir)

We are looking into volunteers program definitely. So we will try to copy that program [from AO - the editor] to a certain extent. We believe that human interaction in the world is essential., 2nd April 2006 (Jørgen Tharaldsen)

All GMs in Age of Conan will be paid employees just like they are in Anarchy Online.

We will most likely have a player volunteer program of some manner (similar to the ARK program in AO) that supports the game and the GMs, the actual GMs though will always be official members of staff.

Forums, 3rd May 2006 (Silirrion)

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