We have tried to let the game be playable in 3rd person view, almost everywhere. The controls should mimic the most popular games out there, and it should be easy to get into, fluid and with good response. At the same time we have tried to improve it by adding something we call "dual focus" as an option. Here the 3rd person camera will try to keep you and the opponent in focus at all times.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

Ranged combat and some spell action will actually take place in "shoulder camera" as seen in Splinter Cell. Here you will have to actually aim your bow or spell at the opponent to hit. The programmers have called it the "Parrot Cam," since we have a Pirate theme in the opening sequence of the game.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

You just pick up the sword, and smite! Seriously, yes, you can use a gamepad. In fact, that is my favorite method, the rumble when you hit really hard make it all that more realistic. All control and the GUI is designed to work with next generation consoles as well as the PC. In addition you can control combat by using the numeric keyboard for the six directional attacks, or simply click around the opponent with your mouse. There are numerous ways of controlling your character, and all of them can be customized by the player. Nothing is as intimately personal, as the control of the game, I think.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

You can move when in combat, and positioning and orientation is central to survival. When entering combat mode, the movement will be slightly lower than outside combat to ensure a fairer system than just hit-and-run.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

In the Online Action RPG, Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures, the player can control the game either via the keyboard, the mouse or with a Joypad. Let me first explain that there are six basic angles of control in Conan. They are Up-Left, Up, Up-Right, Down-right, thrust and down-left. Now let me explain how this will be controlled with the keyboard, mouse and Joypad: Let us see the differences: Keyboard: Here the default mapping of the combat system will be on the numeric keyboard. 7=Up-left, 8=up, 9=up-right, 4=down-left, 5=thrust and 6=down-right. In addition 1 and 3 will be mapped to roll left and right. Naturally, these mappings can be changed by the user.

On the Joypad (like any Logitech Joypad for instance), the D-Pad will define the directions, and the directions correspond directly to the attack. Using the mouse you can hit glowing triangles corresponding to the directions around the target (sort of floating in the Graphical User Interface).

PC.Gamezone, 22nd September 2005 (Gaute Godager)

Well, I am actually surprised by how good the method of input works for accomplishing what we want it too. It seems so simple to use the six basic attack directions but even in games like Jedi Knight and Severance those controls are usually based off holding the attack button and a movement key or which side your mouse pointer is on in regards to the target. So I feel I have more control and when I start chaining attacks together it really comes alive. We do have the combat queue which in a way feels a bit like SWG but I think the big difference is nothing feels static or like its waiting, so in that regard it probably feels like what SWG was supposed to be. There is no waiting, there is a feeling of responsiveness and control that I havent really experienced in this way before.

Forums, 26th October 2005 (Athelan)

Let's just say that if you were to just do random attacks. And you do three slashes from the same side you would have to return a starting stance or position. Now if I did three slashes from the other side I would have the same problem, but if I was to use "butterfly" or looping type moves of going left to right then I would be able to continue the movement of my blade into more attacks thus being more efficient. Our system works off the same principles of encouraging the player to find those moves that allow them to fluidly engage their opponents.

Forums, 26th October 2005 (Athelan)

The mouse control is choosing which directional attack your character will perform, you wont score a critical hit by clicking someone in the eye. Numpad or joypad are other ways to choose the direction you'll attack in.

At the moment strafing becomes circling when you have a soft lock on someone. You can still rotate your character freely to pick another target.

Separate keyboard buttons for strafe/circle and rotating the character of course.

I'm sure we'll allow for different options and remapping of keys so you can yourself decide on how you want to play. Numpad as the standard works rather well tho.

And I doubt you'll have time moving the camera around while in combat. Conan won't be autoattack and wait for a timed special to recycle.

Forums, 30th January 2006 (DaveDread)

The controls feel very natural really, I rarely give them any thought at all, I just play.

Yep, you can be attacked by several opponents at the same time. Mobs will do this to you all the time. Under some circumstances you can attack several targets at the same time, so positioning becomes (very) important. One bad guy in front and one behind you? Move away, try to get them both in front and slash them both in a single stroke.

Forums, 31st January 2006 (DaveDread)

You softlock automatically to the nearest target in front of your character when you are wielding a melee weapon in your hand. Draw your weapon and face your opponent, and there you have it.

The details of how to use the mouse for directional swings is being redesigned, so I can't tell you how it'll end up at the moment. It should be simple and easy to do tho, no clicking on little moving symbols surrounding the target. Probably an unintrusive clicking at/around the targets center. Lower Left swing? Click the lower left of the target.

Forums, 2nd February 2006 (DaveDread)

Softlock is achieved when you engage a target and "unlocked" when you turn away or engage a new target currently. And as stated before the numpad or directional pad on the joypad is used to enter in which attack you want which can be then chained into combos

Forums, 2nd February 2006 (Athelan)

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