Developer quotes Edit

Combo's are a singular element of the combat system not its definition.

Combo's are a more interactive method of triggering special abilities, which if you want to compare it to clicking a button to trigger a special abilities, yes they both trigger special abilities therefore of course they must be exactly the same. Because a 1980 Toyota pickup and a 2007 Ferrari 430R both have steering wheels, both have accelerator pedals, and both have brakes they are the same. In that regard... they really are.

Combo's are just one piece of what fits into everything else, positional bonuses, stances, combo chaining additional effects, directional attack weaknesses, adjusting your "shields", evasive maneuvers, reactive counter attacks etc.

Forums, 29. August 2007 (Athelan) [1]

Yes you can. Each weapon type has unique attacks, unique combos and unique fighting style. In addition to that, the different classes have unique combos that look different from other classes (hm, note – there is some sharing here and there, just to add this disclaimer) and do unique damage. We have motion captured all of these moves using melee combat experts and directed them to focus on realistic, brutal fighting – a clear alternative to a light-weight [cartoonish] look on the animations.

ShackNews, 16th June 2006 (Gaute Godager)

Our queue is based "per combo" so to speak and is limited at a cap of 5 that expands as you level and have need for the longer combo strings. We are not planning on a lot of positional requirements for attacks either so I dont see that as becoming a big deal.

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

All of the melee classes primary form of using abilities is done through the combo system, there are a few activateable types but they are few and far between. Some combos for the hybrids like the Herald of Xotli actually combo magic and melee attacks.

Fourms, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

The combos are triggered by combining different types of attacks. Spells and ranged combat have combos as well as the more obvious melee fighting system.

IGN, 17th June 2005 (Gaute Godager)

There's a marked difference between "special moves" and "combos" in Age of Conan. Combos will be the only way of dealing additional damage in battle. By stringing attacks together normal attacks, they will convert to combo moves, doing additional damage, adding negative effects to the opponent or yielding beneficial bonuses. This also works in ranged and magical combat. The exact number is different from player to player. For many classes the number of combos can reach more than a hundred at maximum level.

Gamespy, 17th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

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