Developer QuotesEdit

At the very beginning, all you do is customize your race and your looks. I have always felt that the character customization is lengthy enough, with the number of choices given by a modern character customization engine, to not give players even more choices this early. Choices will be given as a result of what you do and how you like playing, more than a vision at the very beginning. Many times I am not only extremely impatient at the beginning of a new game, but I have found later that I have made the wrong choices at the beginning, due to my impatience. So, this led to the conclusion to get the player going as soon as possible. Then, in the game, do the choices.

IGN, 11th May 2005 (Gaute Godager)

For all the different races and both genders, there is a multitude of options available to tweak your appearance. You can select different color of your skin, scale many parts of your body (chest, shoulders, legs, etc.), add scarring, tattoos, body jewelry and, naturally, alter your face by changing the appearance of your features. Should you wish to go even more in-depth, you can enter the super-advanced mode during character creation, where there will be, I think, more than 40 different sliders and buttons to manipulate your appearance. You do not have to go through this detailed process; if you like, you can simply press a random selection button, giving yourself a unique-looking character on the fly.

IGN, 21st November 2005 (Gaute Godager)

There will be four opening story arcs to solo throughout your early game. Players who definitely explore through all the possibilities will come out into the MMO world with a slight advantage against players who quickly blitz through the system. This personal story line for players will begin with your first character, once done, if you create a second character you opt to go directly into the MMO world.

MMORPG, 27th March 2006 (Jorgen Tharaldsen)

Character creation will be an immersive part of the introduction to the world. With over forty sliders to help personalize your character there are certainly a lot of options. Players can also change the look of their character throughout the course of the game by adding battle scars and tattoos. A great note on design of the game is that team has set Frank Frazetta’s artwork of Conan as a goal. Frazetta has really captured the look of Conan over the last fifty years in the paper back novels.

MMORPG, 27th March 2006 (Jorgen Tharaldsen)

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