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It wont reduce your bounty to kill bounty hunters but it should not be impossible

Forums, 7th Junde 2006 (Athelan)

This system will be global. The rules will not be changeable by the players, for exploitation reasons. Some exceptions may be made for example you shouldnt be in the massive pvp area if you arent ready to get beat on, and in a siege you dont want to be thinking oh I cant hit him or ill get a bounty.

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

Logging out should never reduce the crime, as then people would just swap different characters, logging off is not a punishment. If your bounty gets high enough youll become globally wanted not just in Stygia.

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

The idea is if you were only to break the law occasionally then the bounty would be low enough you could bribe it off or do the time and killing the guy if he was a punk would be worth it, but if its just a regular joe you probably wouldnt bother.

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

The bounty system I propose is not a Pvp Bounty. That can be worked out by the players no reason for us to code it. The bounty system I am working on is one that allows griefed people to put bounties on the griefer and remove the safe areas of the game for the griefer until they pay for their crimes.

Forums, (Athelan)

The bounty/prison system will be in place. What qualifies as a crime is to be determined but in general this is specifically there to combat grief behavior. Now that probably wont keep you from getting beat up by 10 guys, but it will help in high level vs low level etc situations,

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

The bounty and prison system is a two part system designed to combat the most undesirable behavior in a PvP environment. The two parts are the bounty system which is designed to track criminal behavior and dispatch NPC bounty hunters to pursue the target. These bounties may start locally (as in Cimmeria only) but can grow to be world wide. Escaping from a bounty hunter will not decrease the bounty, the only way to remove a bounty is to a) bribe the bounty hunters at a premium (perhaps guile skills could help but it wont be cheap) over the bounty amount or b) do your time in prison.

Prison is defined as an area, maybe the interior of the iron tower in Tarantia where the guilty are placed and must serve their sentence. Instead of being straight time based this is based on objectives that must be accomplished to serve their sentence. Think hard labour.

Now these sentences can never be so brutal that people must spend hours in jail doing mindless tasks. But they need to be severe enough that you question your actions before committing a crime.

The real question is what constitutes a crime?

The easiest ones in my opinion are someone much higher level killing someone of lower level.

When you get into attacking someone already engaged with a mob you get exploit material, same thing with attacking someone already low on health (plus if they are low on health because they just fought and killed your friend then you arent really griefing them)

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

The idea is if you were only to break the law occasionally then the bounty would be low enough you could bribe it off or do the time and killing the guy if he was a punk would be worth it, but if its just a regular joe you probably wouldnt bother.

Forums, 6th June 2006 (Athelan)

If you are found guilty of a bounty worth crime you get a bounty this is all npc driven. Bounty hunters will come after you but you may escape initially to another country, if you become notorious enough your crimes will catch up with you eventually. You can try to bribe the bounty hunters or face a prison sentence. The sentence will not lock a character from play or stand in a box for a x number of hours. It will force the character to perform a series of hard labor quests in prison in order to be released. I'm not sure how long the worst sentences will be but I would never make it so long someone would quit, just enough that when you choose to pound someone into paste you consider if its worth it. Not that bounty's come off all kills but lets use level restriction as an example. We could either make it so you can kill anyone without penality. What happens then? High levels kill low levels for no reason and ruin (therefore grief) the low levels gameplay. Now we put in level restrictions (hardcap) low level guy stands there acting like an idiot and saying extremely rude things about your family, your guild, you whatever. Now at least myself, I would want to show the little guy a lesson and being restricted from doing that bothers me. I would rather have the choice to do it so if I choose not to because he is not worth the time or the bounty it was MY choice rather than a choice made for me by the game engine.

Forums, 15th February 2006 (Athelan)

At this time I do not want players to be able to collect the bounties because it opens a world of exploits. The purpose of the bounty system is to remove the safety of safe areas of the game for those who are found to be guilty of crimes against society. What people are saying and I tend to agree with Fafyrd is a completely open FFA system would make too much of the world defined by the players. I can see how that could be true and in order to grasp REH world would require a ton of rules for factions and guards and assassins etc.

Forums, (Athelan)

Just to clarify, the bounty system is meant as NPC enforcement not for players to collect off other players. So while you could be on a bounty board they will get you.

Forums, 7th September 2005, (Athelan)

Players wont be bounty hunters. That has been discussed in great length. We have had some discussions and will implement something additional reward/loot wise for PvP servers.

Forums, 2nd December 2005 (Athelan)

While PvP is not allowed in the safe areas there is no reason PvE cant be allowed. Using the bounty idea posted perhaps Griefers and the like through some mechanism could run to the safety of town and still have consequences for their actions.

The payback wouldnt be by the players directly but by NPC's. So lets pretend I have a perfect system designed so that placing bounties on people isnt exploited and only true griefers and not PvPers are getting bounties. When the griefer goes to a safe area he is still holding a flag on his character saying he is wanted. A group of armed NPCs approaches the character and states that he is wanted for crimes committed and a bounty lies on his head for X amount. If he tries to run or do anything the NPCs attack him. Maybe he can win, maybe he cant it could be based off the size of the bounty how many people come after him. Or perhaps you could bribe your way out of the bounty by paying the bounty + an additional amount. (This could get harder also as you had a bigger bounty).

So I get upset with some guy and decide to gank him, I do so when he is fighting a mob and I am way higher level so I am eligible for a bounty. The guy puts a bount on me of 50 gold and I run off to town. 3 NPCs approach me and I think I know I cant take them and that I dont want to have them keep coming after me so I try to bribe them. I spend 65 of my own gold to buy them off.

Now I have been killing a lot of people and I have built up a 5000 gold bounty. I run into town and a large group of 10 armed soldiers comes looking for me. No way I can fight them but to bribe them would be 8000 gold way more than I have. So they drag me off to jail or kill me. And maybe they loot the items the same as someone would in PvP. Of course this is a pretty complex way of dealing with it, you can just wait for the guy to leave safety and get him then too

Forums, (Athelan)

The bounty system is more of a two part deal. The bounty system which tracks the criminals and the prison system that punishes them. I should ask the trap guys about a stocks that we could put particularly bad griefers in the stocks in town so people could walk by and laugh at them.

Forums, (Athelan)

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