From Associate Produce Morten Byom

Vulnerability Window Edit

The vulnerability window GUI will list all the battlekeeps, the owner of these keeps, when the battlekeeps are open for attack, and finally any guilds that currently have the right to attack and the number of Guild PvP points that guilds have.

If your guild chooses to declare war on another guilds battlekeep, they will do this through the vulnerability window GUI. The Guild selects the city they wish to declare an attack on and they will be listed as a potential attacker for this battle. 24 hours prior to the fight starting the vulnerability window will be locked and an attacker is declared. At this time no changes to the attackers can be made.

When your guild has won a Massive PvP fight and claimed ownership of the Battlekeep the system will automatically set the vulnerability window of your battlekeep to be open in 3 days. Your guild can choose to move this window a few hours back and forth in time to better suit the playing time for their guild.

If you choose to own a battlekeep and all the bonuses it provides, you will be expected to defend it periodically. However we acknowledge the fact that people also wish enjoy all the other aspects of the game, and the vulnerability window was implemented to give the defending guild a break between battles.

Guild PvP Points Edit

When there is a dispute between multiple guilds for the right to lay siege to a battlekeep, the Guild PvP points will be used to determine which guild should be allowed to conduct the attack.

These points will be generated for the guild by the individual players of that guild. There will be two ways that these points will be obtained. First it will be awarded to the guild if a guild member participates in a PvP minigame. Secondly, based on your feedback, we will give points when guild members gain PvP experience. The exact ratio between these two is not set, and I encourage you all to give feedback on this to help us balance the two. You could even see if you have any other PvP related activity that should be rewarded this way. The point is, there will be a conflict between several guilds on the right to attack! This conflict must be resolved in a fair, or at least in the fairest, way we can find. This fairness must be PvP related. Rewarding anything else seems out of place to the team.

When the battle is started the attacking guilds PvP Points are reset to zero. This is done to allow all guilds a chance at taking part of the siege gameplay, even those that are not the most active PvP guilds.

Broken Edit

It should be noted that sieges are broken. The lag is unimaginable and there are many issues with the attacker to defender ratio. The zone is capped out, but there is no code to differentiate between attacker and defender to ensure even sided battles. Many other articles, like siege weapons, have only three-thousand HP, allowing defenders to essentially decimate the only things that allow you to damage buildings.

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