Den of Crowmen
Level 80
In the den of the crowmen
Region Khitai
Zone Chosain Province
Boss Count 1
End Boss Royal Hatchling
Player Limit 6

Den of the Crowmen is a 6 man instance in Chosain province in Khitai.

Starting Godslayer Mode Edit

DPS the egg down to about 50% when the main boss spawns, leave the egg intact so that the second boss can spawn and trigger the hardmode. In Normal mode you kill the egg down to 0% to prevent this extra boss.

Normal Mode Strategy Edit

On the way to the boss area kill all birds in the area and disturb all nests and kill the birds there too, if you don't do this they will come when the boss hits 50%.

When you arrive at the boss area there is a single big egg standing in a nest.

Dps the egg down, one tank starts tanking the boss when he spawns at around 50% the rest of the team dps the egg down to 0%. Tank and spank the boss untill 50%. Poison will appear around the boss area so the team must move outside it to one of the slopes nearby, all the slopes around can be used, but all must run tot he same place so point out a place before fight.

Lots of minions will spawn and come to the team, eventually two big elites comes, and after those are dead the boss will become active again. Run down to boss area and Tank and spank again.

Tanks can use resolve if they have it to remove a debuff, but not needed as it only increase damage by a few percentage.

The boss hit quite hard for a normal mode boss, and you'll need two tanks with decent gear who can swap aggro. Alternative one very good tank.

Godslayer Mode Strategy Edit

When the big boss spawns, one tank grab aggro and kite him around the boss area with the egg, the rest of the team stand on the outside of this area and wait for the little boss from the egg. When he spawns the Main tank pulls him and the team will dps him down to 10%. The little boss does heavy AOE so players should have decent gear and hitpoints. The AOE the little boss does is called "Wing Torrent", if you move back a little bit you'll avoid it.

It's recomended that the soldier tanking the "Royal Hatchling"(small boss) has critigation gear, as he crits quite often. Two healers are also usefull in this fight. When the small boss reaches 10% he will become inactive, and the team should focus on the big boss. Kill the big boss similarly to the Normal mode. The main difference is that he hits harder and tanks have to remove the debuff with resolve as the debuff is much stronger in Godslayer mode.

The big boss also does the "Wing torrent" AOE, but it will also do a knockback, so run back a bit if you you dont want to get hit.

After the big boss is down, the Hatchling will become active again. Kill the last 10% to get the epic loot box.

The boss will put "Venomous Ruin" on a random player, priests can remove it with steadfast faith.

Tanks use Resolve to remove Kian Lai's Wrack, which is a -mitigation wrack that stacks.

Notes Edit

  • The boss does Poison and Unholy damage, so if you have a POM with Holy Cleansing that feat can be used to heal the tank!

Loot Edit

Cloth Armor:

Light Armor:

Medium Armor:

Heavy Armor:

Full Plate Armor:

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