Demon Familiar
Demon familiar icon
Class Demonologist
Level first available 9

Mana Cost 110 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 6 seconds

From the fiery depths of hell comes this winged demon servant. This foul creature can attack or defend targets. While present, this demon type will increase maximum mana of the demonologist and their associates.

General Information Edit


Male Demon Familiar

The Demon Familiar is the first of five pets a demonologist will learn to summon. This winged demon can attack targets with fiery magic as well as provide a mana buff to the demonologist and members in its group.

While it might be useful as an attacker at low levels, it gets pretty weak at damaging enemies by the time one gets to level 20, and probably long before that. The Mana Boost can still be useful, though.

Demon Stats Edit

DPS (Magic): ~25
(~37.5 with Demon Power feat)

Controlling the Demon Edit

Pet Follow - The pet minion will only follow its master and not interfere with combat.
Pet Attack - The pet minion will attack the selected target.
Pet Guard - The pet minion will automatically attack anyone that attacks its master.
Pet Assist - The pet minion will assist in battle, attacking anything its master attacks.
Pet Dismiss - The pet minion is dismissed from Hyboria with a single command from its master.

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