Crush Armor
Crush Armor
Available to Bear Shaman

Stamina cost 75

Description Edit

You smash apart their armor making the more vulnerable to physical attacks.

Breaking the foes defenses inflicting Physical Torment. Physical Torment reduces the target's armor by 900 per stack and stacks up to 5 times.

Most Bear Shaman use several ranks of Crush Armor to quickly apply the Physical Torment to increase their own and their allies physical damage.

The Feral Growl Alternate Advancement perk grants a new rank of Crush Armor, which has a chance to inflict two stacks of Physical Torment instead of one.

Each rank has a 15 second cooldown, they aren't shared between ranks.

Ranks Edit

Crush Armor I - Level 7 -

Crush Armor II - Level 20

Crush Armor III - Level 48

Crush Armor IV - Level 80

Feral Growl - Level 80 AA

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