Crowd Control (or CC)Edit

Crowd Control is a term referring to all means used to control enemies position and movement. It is mainly used to prevent enemies from attacking one player or his group, or to prevent enemies from kiting. It can be used also to prevent an enemy from fleeing.
All crowd control effects will trigger a corresponding effect on the target that will make said target immune to that crowd control effect for a minute. Only players get that immunity, mobs can be affected as often as skills reload.
The different Crowd Control effects in AoC are described below.

Fear Edit

Fear sends enemies running away in random directions. A "feared" enemy doesn't have any control on himself. However, the fact that it is running means it can be hard to hit. Also, when players get "feared", they run the risk of attracting more aggro.
List of skills that produce a fear effect:

Skill Name Class Level Effect Conditions
Death's Terror Necromancer 12 Fear in all surrounding enemies Presence of a minion that will be sacrificed
Overwhelm Conqueror 20 Fear and Snare 80% for 3s Dualwield weapons

Snare Edit

Snares are all skills that reduce moving speed of an enemy. This can go from 20% lowering to an 80% lowering. List of skills that produce a snare effect:

Skill Name Class Level Effect Conditions
Overwhelm Conqueror 20 Fear and Snare 80% for 3s Dualwield weapons
Pin Down Ranger 7 50% for 5s at level 1 Bow or Crowwbow
Incapacitating Stabs Ranger 10 60% One handed Edged Weapon
Hinder Movement Bear Shaman 44 None
Agonizing Jolts Demonologist 30 DOT plus 35% in AOE cone for 6 seconds Need Agonizing Jolts feat
Ice Shackles Necromancer 6 65% for 10 seconds None

Root Edit

Roots are all skills that will effectively prevent en enemy from moving. Anybody hit by root effects will be unable to walk, run or jump. They can however still use their arms, therefore attacking, casting or drinking potions. Roots effects can be pretty long, although mobs have a tendency to get freed when they are dealt a certain amount of damage. Epic mobs will need a higher amount of damage to get freed.
A common technique when using root techniques on other players consist of getting behind the rooted target. It is indeed impossible to cast a spell or shoot at an enemy one can not see, and swinging one's weapon won't hit an enemy in one's back. This does not prevent to be hit by ground-targeted area spells, and mobs somehow don't have any trouble hitting people behind their back by swinging their weapons in front of them. List of skills that produce a root effect:

Skill Name Class Level Effect Conditions
Clobber Barbarian 20 Knockback followed by 10s root Need Paralysis feat, 2 Handed Edged Weapon
Storm Chains Demonologist 10 Root between 12 and 17s plus low damage per second none
Hands Of The Underworld Demonologist 50 8s root around caster, 20% speed boost on caster Need to be close
Gate of Hell Demonologist 60 Root on target, heavy fire damage on target and around need Gate of Hell feat
Word of Command Herald of Xotli 13 Root nearby ennemies Need to be close
Leghold Trap Ranger 5 Root all nearby enemies One enemy must step on it
Quickand TOS Root all nearby enemies Need to be close

Knockback Edit

Knockbacks are certainly the shortest crowd control effects. An enemy hit by knockback is thrown back to the ground, making some space between the initiator of the knockback and its victims. It will also give a couple seconds of respite while the targets get themselves back on their feet. It should be noted that it is more difficult to knock back heavy opponents, being from the weight of their armor to their size (mammoths are not very easy to knock back). List of skills that produce a knockback effect:

Skill Name Class Level Effect Conditions
Snap Kick Assassin 30 Knockback and Silence Need Snap Kick Feat (Lotus branch)
Clobber Barbarian 15 Knockback (can also root with Paralysis feat) 2-handed weapon
Scatter Foes Barbarian 60 Knockback even heavy armored opponents in a cone in front of barbarian Need Scatter Foes Feat, 2-handed weapon
Batter Aside Conqueror 17 - 2-handed weapon
Detonation Demonologist 30 Knockback + Damage Must have feat, and target must be under Fire of Gehenna's effect
Wicked Bolts Demonologist 40 Knockback + Damage Need Wicked Bolts feat

Stun Edit

Stuns will make an enemy helpless, unable to do anything. Stuns are probably the most useful of crowd controls, because it immobilize the enemy AND prevent it from doing anything. As such, most stun effects have relatively short durations. List of skills that produce a stun effect:

Skill Name Class Level Effect Conditions
Stunning Punch Barbarian 5 Stun 3.5 sec 2-handed weapon
Fiery Torment Demonologist 45 Stun 3.5 to 5.5 s, low damage low range

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