Criminal system Edit

When a player kills other players of a much lower level (grey levels), he earns criminal points. After (?) points have been earned, the said player is flagged as a criminal, gaining an effect "criminal", that stays for a certain time, depending on the murder points he has.A criminal can also easily be identified from the two swords, or the skull crossed over his/her name.

Merchants won't talk to criminals, guards will attack them on sight, they can't use normal travelers (they have to rely on smugglers), and they won't respawn at normal rez pads. Instead, they respawn at those special bloody rez pads.
Also, killing a criminal doesn't earn criminal points.
It seems associating with a criminal (having one in your group) makes you one also.

Getting rid of the criminal effect Edit

Each time a non playing character is killed, one criminal point is lost. The effect also dispels with time.

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