Following is a master list of crafting materials and which professions use them. Note that for alchemy recipes, only green-quality recipes and materials are listed.

Material Used By For Recipes
Acacia Bark Skinner Waxed Leather
Aqua Regia Alchemist
Asafoetida Alchemist Willspiced Infusion (50/mana pot), Augurwine (50/mana food)
Beguiler Blood Alchemist Ta Neheh Leaf Elixir (80/health food)
Betel Nuts Alchemist Brawlspur Tonic (60/stam pot), Blacktooth Brandy (60/stam food)
Calloused Leather Skinner Boiled Leather
Chill Crawler Bile Alchemist
Thornchill Brew, Brawlspur Tonic, Warpweird Infusion (60/pots)
Boiled Leather
Cotton Weaver Twill
Feral Blood Alchemist Bloodsurry Brew, Rageshine Tonic, Mindcurdle Infusion (40/pots)
Fine Black Sulphur Alchemist Willspiced Infusion (50/mana pot), Augurwine (50/mana food)
Gnarled Leather Skinner Waxed Leather
Gold Weaver Samite
Ground Cinnabar Alchemist Ambrosial Gold (70/health food)
Ground Hematite Alchemist Ironbroth Brew, Battlegut Tonic, Willspiced Infusion (50/pots)
Harmala Alchemist Bloodpurple Ale (80/mana food)
Henbane Alchemist Visionwine (70/mana food)
Illustrium Weaver Brocade
Ironsilk Weaver Brocade
Ivory Dust Weaver Twill
Magnetite Powder Weaver Samite
Mandrake Juice Alchemist Warpweird Infusion (60/mana pot), Dreamfeaver (60/mana food)
Mother of Pearl Weaver Twill
Nightblack Sage Alchemist
Narcinthe (75/mana food)
Waxed Leather
Nushadir Salt Alchemist Kingsmight Ale (80/stam food)
Pearl Dust Weaver Brocade
Red Magnesite Alchemist Ironbroth Brew (50/health pot), Bearbaiter Stew (50/health food)
Rough Leather Skinner Rawhide
Sardonyx Alchemist Bloodfire Wine (75/stam food)
Scorpion Oils Alchemist
Rageshine Tonic (40/stam pot), Old Mordant (40/stam food)
Silk Weaver Samite
Silver Salts Skinner Boiled Leather
Sourmetal Salts Alchemist Bitterbrisk (70/stam food)
Wild Dagga Alchemist Thornchill Brew (60/health pot), Bloodberry Wine (60/health food)
Wintermist Dust Alchemist Golden Wine of Xuthal (75/health food)
Wolf Meat Alchemist Bloodsurry Brew (40/health pot), Sharphowler Steak (40/health food)
Yeti Bile Skinner Rawhide
Yohimbe Bark Alchemist Mindcurdle Infusion (40/mana pot), Sagebark Tea (40/mana food)

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