Prestige classes have been removed from the game. Players can no longer choose a Prestige class, nor can they obtain the bonuses associated with one. Players have access to any crafting class.

Crafter are one of the Prestige class and crafters are those who make essential items and equipment needed for the guild to succeed in extended battles and harsh conditions. Supplying everything from siege engines to weapons, the Crafter will be the person keeping their friends and customers supplied with goods.

Crafting has its own tiered progression system with 20 ‘levels’ but it is not experience based. Each level will be attained through a quest. Items also come in five tiers of quality, with the highest tiers reserved for crafters with strong and resourceful guilds.

Players will be able craft outside of a guild, although they will restricted from the higher-level tiers unless they have access to their own guild crafting facilities.

  • Can build crafting premises, smithies, and other tradeskill facilities in the guild villages.
  • Each Crafter in a guild increases the resource extraction of wood for all guild members – up to a max of 30 of Crafters.

Compare the different prestige classes

Prestige Classes
Lord Commander
Master Crafter

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