Covenant of Pestilence

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Covenant of Pestilence
Covenant of pestilence icon
Class Dark Templar

Mana Cost 29 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 1 second

Recast 5 seconds
Effect +5% Bonus Armor

+40 Retributive Damage (Melee) +3.1% Magic Health Tap +3.1% Physical Health Tap

Chance on hit Chance on getting damage, Covenant of Pestilence on self, 15% chance

Duration 4 hours
This is a foul promise to spread misery and disease. Physical attacks against the templar cause damage to their attackers and have a chance of triggering a burst of unholy damage on enemies nearby. Also, the templar gains extra armor from items.

Only one Soul Covenant spell may be active at a time.

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