Coppice of the Heart
Level 80
Region Khitai
Zone Northern Grasslands
Boss Count 1
End Boss Balbet-Zhun
Player Limit 6

Coppice of the Heart is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in the Northern Grasslands at the Warmonk Monastery.

Starting Godslayer Mode Edit

Leave the inner membrane intact to start Godslayer mode, the entire team passes through the hole on the left side.

Strategy Edit

The boss is tanked in the middle of the platform in the pit where he becomes active. The rogue need to remove the heal on the boss or else he heals up 5% each time. The boss will cast the spell "Blood Void" on the person who's furthest away this is a spell that does damage on the ground where the player stood when the cast started. It's a very visible black spot on the ground. This AOE damage does unholy damage. So a necro is best suited to "kite" the damage spell around the boss area. The player who kites the black aoe around will also be rooted, mages UC AA ability can remove this. So a mage with UC is needed(or atleast very usefull). Priests HC feat ability can be used to heal the kiter when he stand in the damage area.


At 75/50/25% the boss becomes inactive and just stand still and heals himself. The team must kill the arteries around the room. All the small ones and one big artery at the back each time. The arteries have protection against magic damage, so it helps to have melee dps in the team. The team focuses on the small arteries while a rogue run up to the big artery and dps it down to 30% then return to the boss area, then a mage finishes off the last 5% from distance. The arteries "die" at around 20-25% HP. If the rogue is a ranger he can stand down with the team and fire from ranged at the artery.

The team setup varies alot. What you absolutley need is 1xTank,1xhealer, and 1xRogue(to remove heals), a Necro to kite the black stuff is prefered(unholy protection + pet damage) but a demo can also do it, Hoxes are not recomended since they cant do any damage at all.

Most tanks doing HM can solo tank the boss, but a DT is not a bad offtank because of good melee dps which is needed in the fight(arteries).

Example setup: 1xGuard(MT), 1xDT(offtank/dps), 2xRogues,1xNecro/Demo,1xHealer (Pom/Tos/BS).

Setup above is a very strong team for Coppice and will have no trouble. It's not recomended to have extra mages in this fight as they do very low dps on the arteries. But the DT can easily be changed with a third rogue for example. If you go with single Tank then the healer is recomended to be a BS or POM with alot of AA and heal rating.


  • The POM feat Holy Cleansing can be used on the AOE damage kiter if he is rooted and takes too much damage. The feat will turn the unholy damage into healing.
  • Do not kill the big artery before you've killed all the small ones, if you do the entire team will take massive damage, and priests and mages will be mana drained and you'll wipe quickly.
  • If you wipe there is a bug where sometimes the inner membrane will not respawn, the best way to get it back is for the team to stay in hide and walk towards his alter and spawn the boss again, as everyone is in hide he will just despawn, and membrane will return and you get the "Trial of the Godslayer" popup.

Media Edit

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