Conarch Village
Level 1-80
Region Cimmeria
Type Hub
Connections Conall's Valley
Field of the Dead
Old Tarantia (hub)
Lacheish Plains (crafting area)
City of Tortage (hub)

Typical for Cimmeria, Conarch Village lies in a deep valley surrounded by steep mountains and cut by a cold river running through its center.

Positioned between the controversial Venarium and the battle-torn Conall’s Valley, it has its share of travelers simply “passing through” to reach other parts of Cimmeria beckoning to their sense of adventure.

Some may come just to see the stretch of land that gave birth to King Conan himself, and the rest of Clan Conarch. For those who choose or are chosen to stay here, they are likely to have adventure thrown upon them. The mountains surrounding the village is home to many dangers, some human, others not.

Quests starting in Conarch Village Edit

(lvl)Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
(19) Blood and Sweat I - Part of the Destiny quest series. Cimmerian characters get this quest automatically when completing quest Travelling Home (while talking to Kalanthes)
(50) Time to Fight I - Part of the Destiny quest series. Cimmerian characters get this quest automatically when completing quest The Phoenix of the South
(1) Supply and Demand I - Speak to Conor
(1) The Downtrodden I + II - Automatically obtained by completing quest Supply and Demand, after speaking to Croiss
(?) Rotten Molars II Speak to Croiss after completing The Downtrodden
(1) Every Strong Arm I - Speak to Conarch Warrior
(?) Clans at War - Automatically obtained by completing quest Every Strong Arm, after speaking to Battlemaster Bronwith
(?) Keep the Hunter's Word - Speak to Tarn
(?) Order Silks in Poitain - Speak to Magdaria
(?) War Correspondence - Speak to Khon
(1) The Wandering Drunk I + II - Speak to Conarch Village Guard
(?) The Aquilonian Bastard - Speak to the Serving Wench at the inn
(1) The Tanner's Stench I + II + III - Speak to Beoric
(?) The Tanner's Request II Speak to Tanner Chael
(?) The Rabbit Hunter - Talk to Cadarn
A Rare Delicacy II Talk to Kaen
The Gambler's Gambit IV Talk to Borcha after completing The Dark Brotherhood
A Message for Cul - Talk to Borcha
The Gift of Healing II Talk to Kaen after completing A Rare Delicacy

Quests involving Conarch Village Edit

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Atraxus (226.4, 562.4)
Battlemaster Bronwith (403.4, 447.4)
Beoric (229.9, 463.6)
Blaanid (394.7, 425.7)
  • Merchant: Grand Armors
Borcha (425.3, 470.3)
Cadarn (235.0, 461.6)
Canraegh (395.7, 434.2)
  • Merchant: Stable Master
Carlin (417.8, 483.1)
  • Merchant: Fine Food and Drinks
Catriona (398.2, 455.8)
  • Merchant: Grand Potions
Ciar (225.9, 480.8)
  • Merchant: General Goods
Conarch Warrior (327.6, 527.0)
Conarch Village Guard (with red hat) (237.5, 536.6) (patrolling)
Conor (352.9, 568.7)
Cormac (246.8, 486.1)
  • Merchant: Fine Weapons
Cowal (252.3, 487.9)
Croiss (362.3, 337.0)
Cuirach (424.3, 453.7)
Dair (427.3, 420.4)
  • Merchant: Food and Drinks
Derrigan (242.9, 471.8)
  • Merchant: Grand Food and Drinks
Hwoyr (394.1, 422.7)
Kaen (144.3, 473.7)
Khon (444.6, 433.7)
Magdaria (346.5, 561.3)
Merbeth (139.3, 479.8)
  • Merchant: Fine Potions
Rhiderch (349.9, 547.2)
Ryarm (140.2,484.4)
Serving Wench (423.9, 422.2)
Tanner Chael (228.8, 482.0)
Tanor (300.5, 526.7)
Tarn (345.1, 565.9)
The Laughing Man (281.3, 667.9)
Tortage Smuggler (345.7, 563.1)
Trader (183.0, 458.0)
(403.5, 567.0)
Wagoner Manan (354.8, 567.0
Waudreen (277.1, 523.4)
  • Merchant: Fine Armors

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