Transportation Edit

Mounts Edit

  • (1) Can you confirm if it's a fact or not that pre-orders from EBGames will get a Wooly War Mammoth mount free on launch? If this is so, then there is no level requirement for mounts? Also... does this mean mammoths will be usable outside of BK sieges now? How do you think this whole thing will affect the game immersion?
  • (2) How much will mounts cost in the game?
  • (3) When can a player get a mount?
  • (4) How many types of mounts will be available for players to choose from? Will any character be able to choose from any mount?
  • (5) Will mounts be something that you stable when not using, or leave at a certain place when travelling on foot, or do they fit in your pocket, so to speak?
  • (6) Are war-rhinos a mount that players can use and if so, is it to be used in the BK only?
  • (7) Are there different grades of mounts (EX: from WoW, normal mounts -> Epic mounts)?
  • (8) How different are mounts going to be in behavior and in what you can do with them (ie speed, how many riders, durability?)
  • (9) Can you confirm that mounts can wear armor, or in any other way store equipment (in bags, etc)?
  • (10) Can mounts die?

Teleportation Edit

  • (1) Will there be any type of teleportation (self and/or group) like in EQ : gate, translocate, self-teleportation, teleportation of the whole group, summon a player through the zone and teleportation to avoid wipe to a safe location of the zone? Or like WoW : gate for all with cool down, self-teleportation, summon a player from anywhere and create a portal on which the players click to be ported? Or any other form? Or there will not be some form of teleportation?

Walking/Running Edit

  • (1) Will there be variable move rates based on skill/feats?

Other Edit

  • (1) Can you get mules or other animals, in addition to your mount, and thus be able to carry more items?
  • (2) How will the caravans seen in several pictures and videos work? Will they only be handled by NPC, and players protecting them, or can a player build/buy and control them too?
  • (3) Will there be ships that players can control?

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